Trying a different genre of anime than usual

So, sadly I haven’t watched much anime this week despite it being my last week of break. ūüė¶

I managed to watch one anime and I watched the entire series in one night. I watched¬†Papa no Iukoto wo kikinasai(Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!) which despite it’s title and genre wasn’t all that bad. It’s considered a romantic comedy, Harem, slice of life, and drama but the romance and especially the harem categories don’t fit all that well. It’s 13 episodes long with 1 OVA. I found this anime title on a YouTube video which you can see here.

It starts out with our main character,¬†Yuuta Segawa starting college when his older sister asks him to come visit. Yuuta isn’t too enthusiastic about going since he wasn’t happy when she got married nor that he already had two kids of his own from two different mothers. He agrees to go and is basically tricked because his sister and her husband leave him with his nieces. When they return later they tell him that since he did a good job she wants him to watch them for a month so that she can go with her husband on his business trip. Yuuta agrees and that’s basically where everything starts.

Yuuta is now in charge of his three nieces, one of whom is actually related to him by blood. Sora is the oldest at 14, Miu is 10, and the one he’s related to by blood is Hina who is 3. I’m assuming that because he is surrounded by these girls as well as a college girl that he wants to date it’s been categorized a harem. I don’t agree with this because they’re all nieces and Sora is the only one that has a crush on Yuuta… and the college girl, Raika. Nothing happens between any of them. I guess the romance is that Sora has a crush on him but she doesn’t try anything. Miu does however tease Sora throughout the series about her crush on him.

I think it’s really only a slice of life and drama with a bit of romantic comedy thrown in. This is nothing like what I normally watch but it was still decent. There isn’t really any goal in the story, it just sorta shows them go through the summer as they try and make everything work. It was funny and the characters seemed to have some depth. The story and scenarios Yuuta face seem like legitimate things that could actually happen and it all flows well. They do however throw in a bit of fan service but it’s quick and nothing that bad. Most of it is in the cuts that break up the episode.

If you want a quick series that’ll make you laugh and possibly cry a few times than I would recommend checking it out. If you do just remember not to judge too quickly because the start makes it look like it’ll be different than it is.

I would give it an overall rating of 6/10.

Hope you have a great day and stay safe. ūüôā


Anime Weekend Atlanta has finally come!!!


Tomorrow is the first day of the Anime Weekend Atlanta convention in… you guessed it, Atlanta, GA. The exact location is: the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel and the Cobb Galleria Centre, US Highway 41 ( Cobb Parkway ) at Interstate 285, Northwest of downtown Atlanta.

2450 Galleria Parkway

Atlanta, Georgia 30339

AWA features constant streaming of anime, workshops, card-games/video-games, music, voice actors, amazing merchandise, and of course cosplay!

It lasts all day tomorrow(9/26) and goes until Sunday night (9/28) and i plan on attending all 3 days along with my one friend.

I will be posting my experiences of AWA here and will have reviews, my own judging of the cosplay contest, and other interesting things I do when I’m there.

If you would like to go it’s not too late; tickets can still be bought at the door on all 3 days for multiple days as well. If you wish to purchase tickets you can click here.

I saw the schedule yesterday and dang there is a lot to keep track of so if you would like to see the schedule you can go here, i would recommend either keeping it up on your phone or writing down the big things you want to see and when/where they are.

If you are going I hope you have a great time and afterward share your experiences and opinions of AWA…also for anybody 18+ or 21+ there are some overnight sleepovers that vary in themes on Friday and Saturday night so if you do one of those have fun!

Reviews and School Smitings

So today I started my junior year in high school and I must say that I’m neutral about this year, not too excited but not too terrified either. ¬†I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be posting the commentary reviews on Fullmetal Alchemist for this week on Saturday so that I can get everything in order for the school year and so that my teachers don’t smite me in the first week of school; I try to save the smiting for right before winter break so they have time to forget about my impending doom and replace those thoughts with their family and lots and lots of food.

So just to recap the commentary reviews for Fullmetal Alchemist episodes 4, 5, 6, and 7 will all be posted throughout the day on Saturday the  16th.

Hope everyone has a great day and good luck to everyone starting school of any level.

Last Chance to Vote

So tomorrow is Saturday which means I will be doing my first post with the commentary review. Today is the last chance to vote for the anime you want to me watch first. If you’ve already voted thank you but if you haven’t you can do so here. I will be starting the series this evening so that I have more time tomorrow to finish the post and publish it for you guys so please don’t hesitate to vote.

Hope everyone has a great day and thank you.

New idea for anime reviewing

So I don’t really enjoy the normal method of reviewing, I think it’d be more fun if a review was purely how you felt about the episode as it progressed so I’ve come up with a way for me to do that. I will watch an episode and post my commentary as the episode progresses. The link to the video will be at the top and I will post the minute and second of the video for each comment.

At the “end” of the episode I will give a rating of how the episode was and my average feelings throughout the episode. ie. anger – 4/10 , sadness – 6/10 and so on so forth.

I plan on releasing the first one on Saturday the 2nd, it will probably be a bit rough so I will be looking for feedback on what you thought of it.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of this idea and don’t forget to vote for which series you would like me to do first.


** I know I haven’t released the reviews for Black Rock Shooter and Elfen Lied ¬†yet and I will try to get those out as soon as possible.

Sword Art Online II streaming on Anime Season!! So Happy

I’m so happy that I looked around a couple of anime sites because I just found a site that is streaming the premiere of Sword Art Online II today for free.

If you haven’t already seen the premiere episode than feel free to follow this link to go to anime season and watch the episode. The site will post each episode the day it comes out which should be every Saturday since the premiere was released today.

Hopefully my first impression video should be posted by late tomorrow as I will be on the road in the morning coming back from a mini vacation with my family.

Results of Sword Art Online Awards (Part 6 of 6)

Today the premiere episode of Sword Art Online II is airing and and SAOA has released the winners of the final two categories. They have saved the Best Scene and The Best Line specifically for today.


Best Scene:

My vote –¬†Kirito and Lisbeth escape from the Dragon’s nest on the West Mountain and Lisbeth confesses her love for Kirito.


1.At the end where Kirito and Asuna are sitting there in front of the sunset watching the castle of Aincrad fall

Kirito and Asuna end scene

2. When Kirito demonstrates his dual-wielding skill. Starburst Stream.

Kirito using Starburst stream
3. Kirito and Asuna promise to marry each other.

Kirito and Asuna promise to marry

Best line:

My original vote –¬† “Levels are just numbers. In this world, strength is just an illusion. There are more important things.” – Kirito

Secondary votes because original didn’t make final cut –¬†“As long as I’m alive, I’m not gonna let anyone in my party die. I won’t let that happen again.” – Kirito, “Stay alive you hear? I don’t care how you do it. Just stay alive ’till the end.” – Klein, “even if a monster beats me and I die… I won’t lose to this game, or this world. No matter what.” – Asuna


  1. “As long as I’m alive, I’m not gonna let anyone in my party die. I won’t let that happen again!” – Kirito
  2. “Asuna‚Ķ My life belongs to you. I’ll give it up for you.” – Kirito
  3. “If we make it back to the real world, I’ll find you again and I will fall in love with you again.” – Asuna to Kirito

Well that’s the last of the awards, I hope everyone has enjoyed the results of the SAOA and is now anxiously looking forward to watching the premiere of Sword Art Online II as much as I am.


Today’s the BIG Day for all Sword Art Online Fans!!

Today in 2 hours and 25 minutes the premiere episode of Sword Art Online II will premiere on for all of their members. If you are not a member which I am not then they will make the episode available one week from today on July 12th.

SAO II premiere image

If you happen to know of a site that will be streaming the premiere episode today and does not require a membership please feel free to let me know what the site is in the comment section below.

I hope everyone enjoys the premiere episode and hope to join you all in viewing today.

Results of Sword Art Online Awards (Part 5 of 6)

Happy 4th of July everybody and to help celebrate the SAOA has released the winners for the Best Skill and the Best Environment. (Not sure how the categories relate to the 4th of July but we’ll see…)


Best Skill:

My vote –¬†Kirito’s Dual Weild


  1. Starburst Stream (there we go starburst and star spangled… right that works doesn’t it)
  2. Dual Wield
  3. The Eclipse

Best Environment:

My vote –¬†Floor 22: Coral


  1. Floating Castle Aincrad
  2. Floor 22: Coral
  3. Floor 55: West Mountain

Tomorrow is the big day because Sword Art Online II premieres tomorrow and the two final categories will have their winners announced. Tomorrow the Best Scene and the Best Line will be announced so be on the lookout.

Feel free to comment with how your votes did and what you think of the winners so far.

Results of Sword Art Online Awards (Part 4 of 6)

So today the results for the Best Costume and best Equipment were released today and the results are quite pleasing.



Best Costume:

My vote –¬†Kirito’s Black coat with black clothes underneath.


  1. Kirito’s Black coat
  2. Asuna in her guild attire
  3. Silica in the equipment from Kirito(red dress like piece with black skirt and white/silver breastplate)

It is clear the fans loved Asuna’s syle of clothes because her Undine attire placed 4th and her plain clothes placed 5th.

Best Equipment:

My vote –¬†¬†Kirito’s Dark Repulsor


  1. Kirito’s Elucidator
  2. Kirito’s Dark Repulsor
  3. Yui’s Heart

It is clear Kirito’s equipment is the favorite among many fans and if you would like to see the rest of the runner ups please follow this link where you can also view the runner ups for the costumes as well as the other categories that have been announced.