(No Name)

I wrote this poem the other week and have finally decided to post it on here. It is an original poem by me so I hope you like it.


My body has become my prison;

my mind, the ruthless jailer.

He torments me constantly by snuffing out the lights,

keeps me alone, and convinces me not to eat.

The cell fills with water and causes me to dig into the rock for air.

The twist though is that instead of a spoon, I wield a thin blade.

The blade causes red rivers to flow from the wall and offers me little relief…

The water continues to rise yet it never fills completely.

I am pushed to the limits each and everyday and sleep is my only relief.

Sleep however is a rare grace that leaves me quickly.

A wizard has managed to get me some “magic” pills to free me.

The pills do nothing however… so much for a wizard and an escape.

The only escape I have found so far lies within the minstrel’s melodies,

which flow through the twisted pipes.

I continue to seek for a  permanent freedom while trying to survive each grueling day.


I hope you have a great day and stay safe. 🙂


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