My friends enjoy making me addicted to games…

So just recently my friends have convinced me to try a few games due to the fact that they really enjoy them. The first one is called Brave Frontier and is on the phone and the second game is called osu and is on the computer.

Brave Frontier is a turn based fighting game where you assemble a team of heroes to clear dugeons. It’s an amazing game and I highly recommend it.

The second game, osu, is an online game that is similar to guitar hero. It is highly addictive and free to download. osu!

I have been playing for almost a week now and must say that it’s not too difficult to get the hang of and once you do it becomes a thousand times more fun. You can play with either a mouse, a touchscreen, or a stylus and trackpad. I play with a mouse and as a word of caution I recommend that you don’t click with the mouse. Click using the keys “z” or “x” and simply move with the mouse because otherwise your mouse hand WILL cramp up.

My username is “Zandorg” and I will be hosting a multi-player room tonight(2/7) at 9:00pm (EST). The room will be called “themanthatrambles” and the passwrod will be “asdfgh”. I hope you will give this game a try and join me tonight for some fun.

I will be hosting the same room again tomorrow(2/8) at 3:00pm (EST).

This is the video that got me into osu! link

Hope you have a great day and stay safe. 🙂


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