An invasion of kids aka my sister’s birthday party

So you know how most people look forward to Friday because it means the end of the week, sadly I’m not one of them this week. My little sister just turned 10 which is great and all but what’s not great is that she’s having a sleepover with her friends tomorrow. My sister and her friends are all good kids, but they’re a little odd, especially when they’re all together and hopped up on cake and ice cream. It gets worse though because my twin is bringing her friend over to help out and spend the night as well. Since my dad won’t be home until late tomorrow night I’ll be stuck in a house full of overly excited girls.

Thankfully though I’ve found a solution to my problem, it’s so simple. I’ve decided to lock myself in my room on the second floor with my laptop and camp out there. I promised I’d help get things set up but once all the kids are here I’m gone. I’m going to do an anime marathon, not sure what I’ll watch yet but I’ll be watching it nonstop until they are asleep. I just got the entire series of C-Control on DVD so I’ll go into the loft once they’re asleep and watch through that. The only problem I haven’t fully solved yet is food. They’re making burritos but I’m thinking of ordering a pizza to take to my room. I haven’t set this food plan in stone yet though because there’s a good chance there’ll be complications.

I may listen to some music or just read for a bit but it’ll mostly be watching anime so I was wondering if any of you had any good suggestions. I’m thinking I might watch Tokyo Ghoul since I haven’t seen it yet but I’m not sure. Honestly, anything will suffice since anything will be better than being surrounded by a bunch of screaming 10 year old girls.

Have you ever been in a similar situation where you’ll do just about anything to avoid a certain situation or activity? Do you have any good anime recommendations for me to watch tomorrow night?

Hope you have a great day and stay safe. 🙂


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