Does time move at a constant speed?

Time’s a funny thing, it always seems to be moving at different speeds. If one day you’re playing a really fun game for an hour it may feel like it passed quickly but if you’re just sitting there doing nothing it seems to go by a lot slower. I’m bringing this up because these feelings are so common in school and when waiting for an upcoming event.

So as you know this is my first day back to school which isn’t the most fun thing to do. In the morning I go to the media center and hang out with my friends but it always seems as though the time we have moves way too quickly. When I get to my last class of the day however it feels as though the hour long class is really two hours. Why is it that this happens? Is it just because when you’re having fun you don’t notice the time passing as much so it seems as though it passes quicker than when you’re bored.

There’s also the fact that when an event or due date is not for a while we don’t feel much pressure from the amount of time between now and the event. This feeling of pressure however seems to grow rapidly as the event gets closer because we suddenly become more aware of how much time has passed and how little is left. My current example of this deals with when I can see my friend at group again. It’s been almost three weeks since the last meeting and although I wanted to see her again throughout the break, but the feeling wasn’t as strong nor was the realization of the amount of time until the next meeting. It’s Tuesday right now and our meeting is this Thursday meaning that I’m fully aware of how little time is left and how much time has passed since I saw her. The difference however between feeling as though time is moving to quickly as an event approaches, it feels as though it’s moving too slowly. Time is an extremely annoying thing, useful, but annoying.

The worst thing is that time is something humans came up with, no other species is aware of time besides the natural instincts of the changing of seasons. So we came up with something to be able to record events easier and help organize things so that the people going to classes or meetings can arrive at the correct time of day, but now it’s also the cause of a lot of stress.

So do you find that time tends to work against you or that we’ve become slaves to time due to our strong reliance on it?

Hope you have a great day and stay safe. 🙂


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