An invasion of kids aka my sister’s birthday party

So you know how most people look forward to Friday because it means the end of the week, sadly I’m not one of them this week. My little sister just turned 10 which is great and all but what’s not great is that she’s having a sleepover with her friends tomorrow. My sister and her friends are all good kids, but they’re a little odd, especially when they’re all together and hopped up on cake and ice cream. It gets worse though because my twin is bringing her friend over to help out and spend the night as well. Since my dad won’t be home until late tomorrow night I’ll be stuck in a house full of overly excited girls.

Thankfully though I’ve found a solution to my problem, it’s so simple. I’ve decided to lock myself in my room on the second floor with my laptop and camp out there. I promised I’d help get things set up but once all the kids are here I’m gone. I’m going to do an anime marathon, not sure what I’ll watch yet but I’ll be watching it nonstop until they are asleep. I just got the entire series of C-Control on DVD so I’ll go into the loft once they’re asleep and watch through that. The only problem I haven’t fully solved yet is food. They’re making burritos but I’m thinking of ordering a pizza to take to my room. I haven’t set this food plan in stone yet though because there’s a good chance there’ll be complications.

I may listen to some music or just read for a bit but it’ll mostly be watching anime so I was wondering if any of you had any good suggestions. I’m thinking I might watch Tokyo Ghoul since I haven’t seen it yet but I’m not sure. Honestly, anything will suffice since anything will be better than being surrounded by a bunch of screaming 10 year old girls.

Have you ever been in a similar situation where you’ll do just about anything to avoid a certain situation or activity? Do you have any good anime recommendations for me to watch tomorrow night?

Hope you have a great day and stay safe. 🙂


Driving school and worst case scenarios

So today I finally did my first driving session with Drive Smart so that I can get my license. If you do three 2 hour sessions with them you are allowed to take your driving test so when I finish my last one I can immediately get my license since I’m already 16. It’s a bit weird though, my lessons are scheduled so that they pick me up after school and it feels like some stranger is just picking you up and letting you drive their car around for a couple hours. I basically just drove while he told me when to turn or merge into another lane.

I came to a creepy realization that they could basically make you drive to some abandoned road and then just kill you. It’s not like you would realize that they’re leading you to your death since it’s their job to tell you where to go so they can see how you handle certain situations and make sure you don’t get lost. I had this thought running through my head for a good five minutes before dismissing it. I figured it would be a bad plan since your parents know how long your session is and where you’re being dropped of at the end of it.

On a happier note, the instructor said I did well. Thankfully I have the same guy for each session because otherwise I’d have to get use to a new person each time and they’d be making me do harder things as the sessions progress. I think it’s a good thing that you can do driving hours with the company because then you can test with them and they tell you what they’re looking for beforehand.

I keep thinking about the possibility that one day a news report will be talking about how some driving instructor kidnapped a teenager and then all those companies will end up losing a ton of business. Hopefully that’ll never happen though. If you’re a parent with a child that’s about to start learning to drive I recommend forgetting everything about this unlikely scenario immediately for your child’s sake.

Overall I like the driving sessions because you have the people that will be testing you teaching you everything you need to know and you’re in the car you’ll be testing in if you test with them(I only know of Drive Smart doing this). What are your thoughts or experiences with driving programs and/or the instructors in general?

Hope you all have a great day and stay safe. 🙂

Does time move at a constant speed?

Time’s a funny thing, it always seems to be moving at different speeds. If one day you’re playing a really fun game for an hour it may feel like it passed quickly but if you’re just sitting there doing nothing it seems to go by a lot slower. I’m bringing this up because these feelings are so common in school and when waiting for an upcoming event.

So as you know this is my first day back to school which isn’t the most fun thing to do. In the morning I go to the media center and hang out with my friends but it always seems as though the time we have moves way too quickly. When I get to my last class of the day however it feels as though the hour long class is really two hours. Why is it that this happens? Is it just because when you’re having fun you don’t notice the time passing as much so it seems as though it passes quicker than when you’re bored.

There’s also the fact that when an event or due date is not for a while we don’t feel much pressure from the amount of time between now and the event. This feeling of pressure however seems to grow rapidly as the event gets closer because we suddenly become more aware of how much time has passed and how little is left. My current example of this deals with when I can see my friend at group again. It’s been almost three weeks since the last meeting and although I wanted to see her again throughout the break, but the feeling wasn’t as strong nor was the realization of the amount of time until the next meeting. It’s Tuesday right now and our meeting is this Thursday meaning that I’m fully aware of how little time is left and how much time has passed since I saw her. The difference however between feeling as though time is moving to quickly as an event approaches, it feels as though it’s moving too slowly. Time is an extremely annoying thing, useful, but annoying.

The worst thing is that time is something humans came up with, no other species is aware of time besides the natural instincts of the changing of seasons. So we came up with something to be able to record events easier and help organize things so that the people going to classes or meetings can arrive at the correct time of day, but now it’s also the cause of a lot of stress.

So do you find that time tends to work against you or that we’ve become slaves to time due to our strong reliance on it?

Hope you have a great day and stay safe. 🙂

School’s tomorrow so let’s discuss music

It’s time to get ready for school tomorrow which means no more super late nights, waking up at noon, and being relaxed. I just cleaned out my binders from last semester and restocked them with paper so I’m pretty much good to go, well sort of. It’s the actual act of going that I’m not ready for because the second I walk through those doors i’m stuck with tons of homework, full days, and stress for another semester. So since I have no choice about going tomorrow I made sure I enjoyed today.

I didn’t do much today but I was relaxed and still enjoyed it. I woke up around 11 and had lunch a bit later. I spent most of the day on the computer watching YouTube videos. I just recently discovered a youtuber who I quite like; his name is Onision. I’ve been watching his channel Onisionspeaks and his posts range from weird questions to Anti-rape videos. I recommend checking him out, but just a forewarning, he is brutally honest and makes jokes about almost anything. Some may not enjoy them but he does have a lot of inspirational and helpful advice.

I’ve also done some more reading today as well as watch a part of a movie that I didn’t get a chance to finish. So like I said, I’m happy with today and now I’m ready to go to school tomorrow… well as ready as any high school student is to go back.

That’s really all I have to talk about… I guess I can think of a question. How do you determine if a song or type of music is good or bad?

I personally will listen to just about anything, like right now I’m listening to the Yoko Littner Character song but in a few songs I’ll be listening to Nightmare – Another AMV. So ya, I’ll listen to nearly everything and generally I like it but for some reason I don’t like rap. I don’t know why, I just don’t find it appealing to listen to. So I would like to know what music you like and how you determine if you like it.

Hope you have a great day and stay safe. 🙂   Also if you’re going back to school tomorrow as either a student or teacher I wish you the best of luck.

Trying a different genre of anime than usual

So, sadly I haven’t watched much anime this week despite it being my last week of break. 😦

I managed to watch one anime and I watched the entire series in one night. I watched Papa no Iukoto wo kikinasai(Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!) which despite it’s title and genre wasn’t all that bad. It’s considered a romantic comedy, Harem, slice of life, and drama but the romance and especially the harem categories don’t fit all that well. It’s 13 episodes long with 1 OVA. I found this anime title on a YouTube video which you can see here.

It starts out with our main character, Yuuta Segawa starting college when his older sister asks him to come visit. Yuuta isn’t too enthusiastic about going since he wasn’t happy when she got married nor that he already had two kids of his own from two different mothers. He agrees to go and is basically tricked because his sister and her husband leave him with his nieces. When they return later they tell him that since he did a good job she wants him to watch them for a month so that she can go with her husband on his business trip. Yuuta agrees and that’s basically where everything starts.

Yuuta is now in charge of his three nieces, one of whom is actually related to him by blood. Sora is the oldest at 14, Miu is 10, and the one he’s related to by blood is Hina who is 3. I’m assuming that because he is surrounded by these girls as well as a college girl that he wants to date it’s been categorized a harem. I don’t agree with this because they’re all nieces and Sora is the only one that has a crush on Yuuta… and the college girl, Raika. Nothing happens between any of them. I guess the romance is that Sora has a crush on him but she doesn’t try anything. Miu does however tease Sora throughout the series about her crush on him.

I think it’s really only a slice of life and drama with a bit of romantic comedy thrown in. This is nothing like what I normally watch but it was still decent. There isn’t really any goal in the story, it just sorta shows them go through the summer as they try and make everything work. It was funny and the characters seemed to have some depth. The story and scenarios Yuuta face seem like legitimate things that could actually happen and it all flows well. They do however throw in a bit of fan service but it’s quick and nothing that bad. Most of it is in the cuts that break up the episode.

If you want a quick series that’ll make you laugh and possibly cry a few times than I would recommend checking it out. If you do just remember not to judge too quickly because the start makes it look like it’ll be different than it is.

I would give it an overall rating of 6/10.

Hope you have a great day and stay safe. 🙂

I think I’ll stay Out of the Woods

So today I went with my family to go see Into the Woods and it was an okay movie. My friend had seen it a few days ago and warned me that it was pretty much a musical. That made me not really want to go see it but it was a family thing so I didn’t have much of a choice. I was hoping that when she said it was like a musical she meant that there were just a few more songs than expected.
That hope had completely died within the first 10 minutes of the movie starting. The characters broke out into song so much that I’m pretty sure there was more singing than actual dialect. It’s not so much that the songs were bad, some were actually quite good, but there were so many that it quickly became annoying.
The rest of the movie was fairly good. I think the actors and actresses were accurately picked and they all did a good job of portraying their characters. The various classic fairy tales were merged together in such a way that the storyline flowed well instead of feeling jumbled up and disjointed.
I think if this movie had less singing and maybe a bit more of a darker feeling than it would an amazing movie. What I mean by a darker feeling is that the stories were already altered slightly and in such a way that if it was a bit creepier and not quite as joyful it would be more interesting.
Overall, not a bad movie as long as you don’t mind a LOT of singing. I wouldn’t go to see it again but I don’t regret seeing it this time. If you’ve seen the movie I’d love to hear what you thought about it. If you haven’t seen it than do you want to and why?
Hope you have a great day and stay safe. 🙂

Finding something to last forever


I like this quote, simply because even before I read it I had and still do have a similar mentality. I don’t think this is a bad thing because it’s true, everybody will die at some point. So after accepting that fact you’re left with the second part of the quote which says “The goal isn’t to live forever, it’s to create something that will.” Well what exactly does that mean.

I’m pretty sure there are a few ways to interpret this but they will all reach the same general idea/conclusion. The first part being that our physical body and ‘being’ will not last forever therefore we must do/leave something that will survive long after us whether by word of mouth, text, or a physical object. Well now we have that figured out but now we have to decide what it is we want to leave behind and be remembered by. I’ve had an idea for a little while now regarding how I want to be remembered, coincidentally this same topic also happens to be one of my biggest fears.

I fear the idea that when I die I will be forgotten, I won’t have made any significant difference in someone’s life, and my entire existence will just sort of die with me. I don’t consider this as me being selfish by wanting to be remembered because of why I want to be remembered(if that makes sense). I want to know that I was able to enter someone’s life and help them out of a hole they may be in. I want someone to be able to say that because of me they were able to to overcome an obstacle or they were able to keep moving forward.

With this fear in mind my goal in life is to do something that will help at least one person. I don’t know if this will be in writing, becoming a teacher, becoming a counselor or psychologist, a police officer, or just a little shop owner. In all honesty that’s really all I want in the end, I mean right now and along the road there will be other things that I want but this will always be my main goal in life.

So I would like to know how you want to be remembered after you die. I know it’s not necessarily the nicest thing to think about but I guarantee that at some point in your life or subconsciously have thought about how you want to be remembered.

I hope you all have a great day and stay safe. 🙂

Books are love, Books are life

So while I’ve been on break I’ve had time to read and last Saturday (12/27) I went to Barnes and Noble and bought three books to read through before school starts back up. I bought the first volume of  a fairly new manga called Ajin, The Necromancer’s house by Christopher Buehlman, and Night Angel by Brent Weeks. I’m reading Night Angel first because it’s the longest at 1189 pages and because it seems the most interesting. I’m just under half way through the book right now and it’s rekindled my love of reading. I’ve loved reading since I was a baby but over the past couple years my desire to read has gone down and I’ve forgotten what reading does to you. It’s an escape from this reality and it envelops you in another world full of things that you love or desire to be.

Sadly, I can’t think of what book or books may have caused me to love it so much but there are definitely some series that have strengthened it over the years. The series that have kept me interested in reading over the years in order of when I discovered them are: Bone by Jeff Smith, Percy Jackson & the Olympians by Rick Riordan, The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater, The Newsflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant, and finally Night Angel by Brent Weeks.

I currently have two bookshelves full of various books and all of them provide me with a different perspective on life, a person to can relate to, someone you aspire to be more like, and an overall escape from the struggles of everyday life. It saddens me that less and less people enjoy reading because not only is it an escape but it also helps improve vocabulary and the ability to be able to pick up on the more subtle things that occur all around us.

So I would like to know if you enjoy reading. If you do are there any books/series/authors that have strengthened that love for you? If you don’t enjoy reading then I would like to know why and if there was a certain book that caused you to think that?

Hope everyone has a great day and stays safe. 🙂

My head’s overflowing, please send help

So today’s the first day of the new year and I’ve done nothing. I spent the entire day at home except for maybe a half hour when my family and I went to Target. It still feels like it’s a new year but it feels like it might be a dull one. I still have hopes that it just feels like that because I’ve been stuck inside all day. Anyway, that’s not want I want to talk about today (Not too sure actually what it is I want to talk about).

Why is it that sometimes we can think about only one thing and tune every other thought out until we’re ready to address it yet other times there are hundreds of thoughts all trying to be processed at once (guess I’m talking about this, should be interesting). I’m sitting here right now typing this with probably fifty other things going on in my head. Normally I can quell the storm of thoughts when I sit down to write so I only focus on what I’m writing, so why can’t I now? It’s a weird feeling thinking about so many things all at once and trying to give attention to all of them at the same time. I wonder if it becomes near impossible to suppress everything because we know that each thing is important in it’s own way. Okay, I have no idea where I’m going with this but more so because I don’t really know how you would go about explaining this sort of thing.

I mean sometimes it’s easy to only focus on one thing at a time whereas other times it’s not. Currently everything I’m thinking about ranges from how late I plan on reading tonight to why the heck am I writing this post to thinking about if my friends are okay, particularly one whom I’ve had this weird feeling all day that something’s wrong with her. Now I was just talking to her  and she told me everything’s okay but the feeling hasn’t gone away yet and I’m trying to figure out why. I think it’s because we care about them and want to make sure they’re okay and just can’t let the feeling go just like that.

I think when our thoughts start overflowing and preventing us from thinking clearly it becomes necessary to stop everything, relax, and sort through them or write them down so you can clear your head. Personally, neither of these have been super helpful to me since when I do either of them it only causes me to think about more things.

What do you guys think are some good ways to clear your head and focus because judging from this post I could use the tips. Also, do you ever just get a feeling something’s off with one of your friends even when they say everything’s all good. If so why do you think you get it or still have it after they tell you otherwise.

Hope everyone has enjoyed their first day of 2015. Stay safe and have a great day. 🙂