What do you really want to try?

I’ve had this picture on my phone for a few days now and I still can’t think of a good answer to it. This question however doesn’t specify if you can only attempt one thing with a guarantee you won’t fail or if it could be multiple things. If I interpret it as only one thing than I don’t think I could ever give an answer I’d be truly happy with. There are so many things that we have to attempt to do everyday where sometimes the thought of failure is just too great for us to overcome.
If however it’s interpreted as being able to successfully attempt multiple things than I can give answers that I’m more satisfied with. The most obvious and probably most common answer would be to fly, the funny thing is this idea completely slipped my mind and I still wouldn’t have thought of it if not for my friend. I would attempt to take harder classes because I would love to be able to go as in depth as the higher classes go but I am worried I might not be able to keep up with all of it. I’d apply for an internship or part time job working for a magazine or newspaper. I’d learn programming so I could design a new computer game or gaming software.
It seems so much easier to be able to pick multiple things to try if you knew you wouldn’t fail. Yet, if I could only choose one all of the previously stated things would come off the table. I’d forget about them since I’d be so focused on choosing the absolute best thing to do with no chance of failure.
So my question to you is what would you attempt if you knew you wouldn’t fail? Do you think you could choose only one thing?


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