Let’s start the reboot of this blog off with a nice rant

So this is my first post in a while and I must say it feels good to be writing again. While I was away from my blog I did several things but overall not much. I attempted to write a 50 000 word novel in the month of November for Nanowrimo. I didn’t finish but I still plan on working on it and finishing it eventually. I watched several anime and got more into manga. I remember watching Is This A Zombie?, Corpse Party, K-On, some more Fairy Tail,  and possibly a couple others. I really enjoyed all of them. K-On however was  a bit harder to stay interested in since there wasn’t really anything going on but it was still good nonetheless. I’ve been going through my junior year of high school and trying to figure everything out about colleges and whatnot. Thankfully I passed all my finals and passed my classes with A’s and B’s.

So I’m still on winter break so my day has been pretty relaxed. I spent most of the day so far on a PC game called Wartune working on just strengthening my guy. I do have one thing that has been bugging me though so I’ll talk about that instead of how I spent hours doing fairly boring stuff on my game.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m pretty much done with my parents. I’ve been going through some things and since the discovery of said thing(nothing serious) they have gotten a lot stricter and I guess you could say nosy with how I spend my days. They just seem like they’ve stopped caring so much about what I actually want/enjoy and more so on the fact that they have to guard me from anything and everything. For example, I have a female friend who is 14(I’m 16) and her and I have become pretty good friends. We both like each other but besides the one day a week we see each other for a church group we can’t hang out let alone date. My parents have forbidden me from hanging out with her 1 on 1 outside of the group which has lots of other people present. Their reasoning is that if we were to end up dating and if we broke up they don’t think I could handle it mentally. Also they declared that if I “did anything” then I could end up in a lot of trouble. What annoyed me about this statement is the fact that they know full well that I am the last person on earth to try anything like that. Anyway, we can still text and hang out at the group but for know nothing else. I did however get her a Christmas present for when I see her next.

My parents also seem to assume that because I enjoy being in my room a lot and don’t always sound like I’m the happiest person around they get mad at me for sounding rude and then yell even more when I respond with anything other than with a complete 180 with my behavior. It just seems like I’m not really being given any say in how I choose to live my life in any area even when I haven’t done anything bad… they’re stripping me of what little freedom I have as a minor.

So I know this is sort of just a rant but I want to know what you think. If you are an adult/parent what is your view of the situation from what I’ve said. If you’re a teenager what are your thoughts about the matter and have/are you going through something similar?


please leave your thoughts and opinions here

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