Fullmetal Alchemist Commentary review – episode 3

So this episode is a basically a giant flashback and I must say it did not disappoint so if you would like to watch the episode you can follow this link. Now here’s the review, hope you enjoy.


0:09 – Well that’s a bit dramatic.

0:37 – Hooray, a flashback!

1:46 – That’s a bit creepy… Oh they made a doll, now it’s not so creepy.

creepy formation of a cute little doll

creepy formation of a cute little doll

2:27 – This intro song is pretty good; the opening themes with it are also pretty interesting.

4:18 – Whose sons? Who is their dad?

5:07 – Nice, way to wreck the stack of books.

7:00 – Aw, poor Winry, that’s so sad.

8:26 – This is so sad. 😦

8:54 – Oh no! What happened!?

The mother's death

The mother’s death

9:57 – Why must this be so sad.

10:57 – Ed sounds so determined but then again who wouldn’t be if they thought there was a chance.

Emotions from 1st half of episode

Emotions from 1st half of episode

11:12 – Hey, there is Al’s armor.

13:19 – Who is he?

Who is this guy?

Who is this guy?

13:49 – Nooo!!!!

14:20 – Oh my gosh this is intense!

16:02 – This guy again. What’s a state alchemist?

16:57 – He has a cool name… “Mustang”, i like it.

17:31 – Real smooth Winry.

19:20 – You’re a good guy Ed.

20:12 – They’re some pretty good fighters.

The Elric brothers sparring

The Elric brothers sparring

21:07 – They’re such good brothers, they care so much about each other.

22:16 – That’s deep Al.

Emotions for 2nd half of episode

Emotions for 2nd half of episodeClosing thoughts:

I think this was a great episode. It was one large flashback that helped reiterate the Elric brothers’ situation and introduce a few more characters and how they met they are related to the brothers. This was a pretty sad episode with the death of their mother. I think what made it so sad was the viewers already knew she died and their attempt to bring her back was a failure that seeing them as little boys and being completely blindsided by the events and trying to fix everything just made it a lot sadder. I think with the introduction of Mustang we can expect to find out about state Alchemists and how the brothers are doing presently. I am enjoying this series a lot so far so I hope you consider watching it if you haven’t already, remember there is a link to the episode at the top.


Thank you and please feel free to leave your thought on the series so far and how you like this new way of reviewing.


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