Fullmetal Alchemist Commentary review – episode 2

So I’m just going to jump straight into the commentary but first here is the link for the second episode if you wish to watch it.


0:01 – Sweet, straight into the action from the end of episode 1!

2:21 – Wow, that’s a big mini gun (i think, feel free to correct me on its name if  I’m wrong)

Cornello's mini gun?

Cornello’s mini gun?

2:27 – Those are some quick reflexes.

2:54 – That’s a pretty nice saying Edward.

3:28 – Uh oh.

5:54 – Those statues are not nice at all.

7:00 – I like that grin, clearly Ed knows something or has a plan.

Ed's sneaky grin

Ed’s sneaky grin

8:10 – Freaky snake, oh it’s that lady from the bar last episode… I think.

9:09 – Oh Jeez that’s freaky.

9:33 – RUN ROSE, RUN!!

10:53 – What’s Al doing?

Emotions for first half of episode

Emotions for first half of episode

11:15 – You guys are so sneaky.

11:30 – You’re done for now Cornello.

11:44 – Nice face Edward.

12:46 – Nice.

Ed's cool blade

Ed’s cool blade

13:08 – yep, he’s done for.

13:27 – Wow man, just give up already.

14:15 – Wow…

14:40 – That’s got to hurt, oh wait never mind he hit next to him, still scary though.

15:13 – That arm reminds me of Akira SPOILER SPOILER when he starts getting really big near the end of the movie.

see it looks like Akira

see it looks like Akira

15:33 – Well great, it’s a fake stone.

16:30 – Aw, poor Rose.

17:10 – Nice recovery for Ed there Al.

18:10 – What the heck??

19:47 – That’s a beautiful and slightly sad flashback.

Emotions for second half of episode.

Emotions for second half of episode.

Closing thoughts:

Overall, I think this was a great second episode, it began answering some questions while providing more questions at the same time making me want to keep watching. So if I remember correctly the lady next to the man who ate Cornello was Lust but when she was shown at the end looking at the “new” Cornello she called it Envy.  I would like to know who these people  are and what they are up to. I’m assuming Rose will end up following Al and Edward or at least leaving that town soon. I think Al and Ed had some great teamwork and I like how you can easily tell that they’re good brothers and friends to each other and help each other grow as people… or suits of armor in Al’s case. I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

Thank you and please feel free to leave your thought on what you think of this style of reviewing or any comments you have on the show but please refrain from any spoilers.


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