Fullmetal Alchemist Commentary review – episode 1

So this is the first of my commentary reviews and because there were only two votes( thank you) and each one was for a different show I simply chose the longer of the two, the other anime will be next however.   If you would like to watch the episode as well so you can see what I was commenting on you may follow this link. So with that aside here is my commentary for episode 1 of Fullmetal Alchemist.


0:05 – I like the opening music

1:19 –  This is an intriguing opening scene, nicely done.

2:01 – Pretty intense.

2:38 – Oh man that’s freaky and pretty messed up.

mom from FMA ep. 1

5:00 – That’s a pretty cool fountain, who wouldn’t want a wine fountain… even though I couldn’t drink any of it yet.

5:36 – Man, that’s a religious town.

6:38 – I have a feeling Cornello is a scam or some sort of conman.

7:23 – That’s some sweet alchemy.

8:30 – Rose has some cool hair with the pink bangs, I think those are bangs at least.

Rose with cool hair

8:46 – Edward seems like a bit of a hot head.

10:01 – Yep, he’s definitely a hothead.

General emotions for first half

General emotions for first half


10:33 – Cornello’s a big guy but he seems humble.

11:01 – poor Rose

11:36 – Cornello has a pretty nifty ring there., but where’s the circle?

Cornello's ring

13:28 – Uh oh, that can’t be good.

15:48 – well that seems a little drastic don’t you think.

17:30 – See, I knew he was a fake, well sort of a fake, he is an alchemist but he’s not a holy man.

19:50 – Things are getting intense.

Edward fighting giant bird

21:58 – OK, that’s pretty cool.

22:21 – The closing music and scenes are pretty good too.

general emotions for second half

general emotions for second half

Closing thoughts:

So the first episode was really good in my opinion, it got right into telling you how things work and who is who. I think it has left a lot of room to move and develop into a great anime and you should definitely check it out. Remember if you would like to see exactly what I was commenting on or just want to see the episode yourself you can follow the link at the top to watch it on a free site( http://www.animefreak.tv/ ).

Thank you and please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts on how this first commentary review went and if you think an adjustment should be made.


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