Reviews and School Smitings

So today I started my junior year in high school and I must say that I’m neutral about this year, not too excited but not too terrified either.  I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be posting the commentary reviews on Fullmetal Alchemist for this week on Saturday so that I can get everything in order for the school year and so that my teachers don’t smite me in the first week of school; I try to save the smiting for right before winter break so they have time to forget about my impending doom and replace those thoughts with their family and lots and lots of food.

So just to recap the commentary reviews for Fullmetal Alchemist episodes 4, 5, 6, and 7 will all be posted throughout the day on Saturday the  16th.

Hope everyone has a great day and good luck to everyone starting school of any level.


Fullmetal Alchemist Commentary review – episode 3

So this episode is a basically a giant flashback and I must say it did not disappoint so if you would like to watch the episode you can follow this link. Now here’s the review, hope you enjoy.


0:09 – Well that’s a bit dramatic.

0:37 – Hooray, a flashback!

1:46 – That’s a bit creepy… Oh they made a doll, now it’s not so creepy.

creepy formation of a cute little doll

creepy formation of a cute little doll

2:27 – This intro song is pretty good; the opening themes with it are also pretty interesting.

4:18 – Whose sons? Who is their dad?

5:07 – Nice, way to wreck the stack of books.

7:00 – Aw, poor Winry, that’s so sad.

8:26 – This is so sad. 😦

8:54 – Oh no! What happened!?

The mother's death

The mother’s death

9:57 – Why must this be so sad.

10:57 – Ed sounds so determined but then again who wouldn’t be if they thought there was a chance.

Emotions from 1st half of episode

Emotions from 1st half of episode

11:12 – Hey, there is Al’s armor.

13:19 – Who is he?

Who is this guy?

Who is this guy?

13:49 – Nooo!!!!

14:20 – Oh my gosh this is intense!

16:02 – This guy again. What’s a state alchemist?

16:57 – He has a cool name… “Mustang”, i like it.

17:31 – Real smooth Winry.

19:20 – You’re a good guy Ed.

20:12 – They’re some pretty good fighters.

The Elric brothers sparring

The Elric brothers sparring

21:07 – They’re such good brothers, they care so much about each other.

22:16 – That’s deep Al.

Emotions for 2nd half of episode

Emotions for 2nd half of episodeClosing thoughts:

I think this was a great episode. It was one large flashback that helped reiterate the Elric brothers’ situation and introduce a few more characters and how they met they are related to the brothers. This was a pretty sad episode with the death of their mother. I think what made it so sad was the viewers already knew she died and their attempt to bring her back was a failure that seeing them as little boys and being completely blindsided by the events and trying to fix everything just made it a lot sadder. I think with the introduction of Mustang we can expect to find out about state Alchemists and how the brothers are doing presently. I am enjoying this series a lot so far so I hope you consider watching it if you haven’t already, remember there is a link to the episode at the top.


Thank you and please feel free to leave your thought on the series so far and how you like this new way of reviewing.

Fullmetal Alchemist Commentary review – episode 2

So I’m just going to jump straight into the commentary but first here is the link for the second episode if you wish to watch it.


0:01 – Sweet, straight into the action from the end of episode 1!

2:21 – Wow, that’s a big mini gun (i think, feel free to correct me on its name if  I’m wrong)

Cornello's mini gun?

Cornello’s mini gun?

2:27 – Those are some quick reflexes.

2:54 – That’s a pretty nice saying Edward.

3:28 – Uh oh.

5:54 – Those statues are not nice at all.

7:00 – I like that grin, clearly Ed knows something or has a plan.

Ed's sneaky grin

Ed’s sneaky grin

8:10 – Freaky snake, oh it’s that lady from the bar last episode… I think.

9:09 – Oh Jeez that’s freaky.

9:33 – RUN ROSE, RUN!!

10:53 – What’s Al doing?

Emotions for first half of episode

Emotions for first half of episode

11:15 – You guys are so sneaky.

11:30 – You’re done for now Cornello.

11:44 – Nice face Edward.

12:46 – Nice.

Ed's cool blade

Ed’s cool blade

13:08 – yep, he’s done for.

13:27 – Wow man, just give up already.

14:15 – Wow…

14:40 – That’s got to hurt, oh wait never mind he hit next to him, still scary though.

15:13 – That arm reminds me of Akira SPOILER SPOILER when he starts getting really big near the end of the movie.

see it looks like Akira

see it looks like Akira

15:33 – Well great, it’s a fake stone.

16:30 – Aw, poor Rose.

17:10 – Nice recovery for Ed there Al.

18:10 – What the heck??

19:47 – That’s a beautiful and slightly sad flashback.

Emotions for second half of episode.

Emotions for second half of episode.

Closing thoughts:

Overall, I think this was a great second episode, it began answering some questions while providing more questions at the same time making me want to keep watching. So if I remember correctly the lady next to the man who ate Cornello was Lust but when she was shown at the end looking at the “new” Cornello she called it Envy.  I would like to know who these people  are and what they are up to. I’m assuming Rose will end up following Al and Edward or at least leaving that town soon. I think Al and Ed had some great teamwork and I like how you can easily tell that they’re good brothers and friends to each other and help each other grow as people… or suits of armor in Al’s case. I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

Thank you and please feel free to leave your thought on what you think of this style of reviewing or any comments you have on the show but please refrain from any spoilers.

Fullmetal Alchemist Commentary review – episode 1

So this is the first of my commentary reviews and because there were only two votes( thank you) and each one was for a different show I simply chose the longer of the two, the other anime will be next however.   If you would like to watch the episode as well so you can see what I was commenting on you may follow this link. So with that aside here is my commentary for episode 1 of Fullmetal Alchemist.


0:05 – I like the opening music

1:19 –  This is an intriguing opening scene, nicely done.

2:01 – Pretty intense.

2:38 – Oh man that’s freaky and pretty messed up.

mom from FMA ep. 1

5:00 – That’s a pretty cool fountain, who wouldn’t want a wine fountain… even though I couldn’t drink any of it yet.

5:36 – Man, that’s a religious town.

6:38 – I have a feeling Cornello is a scam or some sort of conman.

7:23 – That’s some sweet alchemy.

8:30 – Rose has some cool hair with the pink bangs, I think those are bangs at least.

Rose with cool hair

8:46 – Edward seems like a bit of a hot head.

10:01 – Yep, he’s definitely a hothead.

General emotions for first half

General emotions for first half


10:33 – Cornello’s a big guy but he seems humble.

11:01 – poor Rose

11:36 – Cornello has a pretty nifty ring there., but where’s the circle?

Cornello's ring

13:28 – Uh oh, that can’t be good.

15:48 – well that seems a little drastic don’t you think.

17:30 – See, I knew he was a fake, well sort of a fake, he is an alchemist but he’s not a holy man.

19:50 – Things are getting intense.

Edward fighting giant bird

21:58 – OK, that’s pretty cool.

22:21 – The closing music and scenes are pretty good too.

general emotions for second half

general emotions for second half

Closing thoughts:

So the first episode was really good in my opinion, it got right into telling you how things work and who is who. I think it has left a lot of room to move and develop into a great anime and you should definitely check it out. Remember if you would like to see exactly what I was commenting on or just want to see the episode yourself you can follow the link at the top to watch it on a free site( ).

Thank you and please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts on how this first commentary review went and if you think an adjustment should be made.

Last Chance to Vote

So tomorrow is Saturday which means I will be doing my first post with the commentary review. Today is the last chance to vote for the anime you want to me watch first. If you’ve already voted thank you but if you haven’t you can do so here. I will be starting the series this evening so that I have more time tomorrow to finish the post and publish it for you guys so please don’t hesitate to vote.

Hope everyone has a great day and thank you.