Results of Sword Art Online Awards (Part 5 of 6)

Happy 4th of July everybody and to help celebrate the SAOA has released the winners for the Best Skill and the Best Environment. (Not sure how the categories relate to the 4th of July but we’ll see…)


Best Skill:

My vote – Kirito’s Dual Weild


  1. Starburst Stream (there we go starburst and star spangled… right that works doesn’t it)
  2. Dual Wield
  3. The Eclipse

Best Environment:

My vote – Floor 22: Coral


  1. Floating Castle Aincrad
  2. Floor 22: Coral
  3. Floor 55: West Mountain

Tomorrow is the big day because Sword Art Online II premieres tomorrow and the two final categories will have their winners announced. Tomorrow the Best Scene and the Best Line will be announced so be on the lookout.

Feel free to comment with how your votes did and what you think of the winners so far.


please leave your thoughts and opinions here

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