Results of Sword Art Online Awards (Part 4 of 6)

So today the results for the Best Costume and best Equipment were released today and the results are quite pleasing.



Best Costume:

My vote – Kirito’s Black coat with black clothes underneath.


  1. Kirito’s Black coat
  2. Asuna in her guild attire
  3. Silica in the equipment from Kirito(red dress like piece with black skirt and white/silver breastplate)

It is clear the fans loved Asuna’s syle of clothes because her Undine attire placed 4th and her plain clothes placed 5th.

Best Equipment:

My vote –  Kirito’s Dark Repulsor


  1. Kirito’s Elucidator
  2. Kirito’s Dark Repulsor
  3. Yui’s Heart

It is clear Kirito’s equipment is the favorite among many fans and if you would like to see the rest of the runner ups please follow this link where you can also view the runner ups for the costumes as well as the other categories that have been announced.


please leave your thoughts and opinions here

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