Results of Sword Art Online Awards (Part 2 of 6)

Today the winners for the Best Monster and the Best Fight Scene were released.


Best Monster:

My vote – The Gleam Eyes


  1. Pina (Silica’s pet)
  2. The Gleam Eyes
  3. The Skull Reaper


Best Fight Scene:

My vote – 74th layer boss “The Blue-Eyed Demon” warfare


  1. 74th layer boss “The Gleam Eyes” warfare
  2. 75th layer Labyrinth boss “The Skull Reaper” game
  3. Kirito vs Heathcliff (second fight between them/episode 14)

Feel free to let me know if your vote made it to the final three or if they won.

So far my all of my votes have taken 1st place except for two which is Best Monster and my third favorite for Favorite female character.


please leave your thoughts and opinions here

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