Results of the Sword Art Online Awards (Part 1 of 6)

The time has come to announce the winners of the SAOA and how many people enjoyed what I enjoyed as I compare my votes to the final results.




Yesterday the Best Epsiode was announced and today the Best male and female characters were announced. The rest of the winners will be announced throughout this week leading up to the premiere of SAO II. If you would like to see the complete schedule as well as other things about the upcoming premiere then feel free to check out the official site here.

Best Episode :

My vote: Episode 9 – The Blue-Eyed Demon


  1. Episode 9 – The Blue-Eyed Demon
  2. Episode 12 – Yui”s Heart
  3. Episode 3 – The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Best Male Actor:

My vote: Kirito, Klein, Agil


  1. Kirito
  2. Klein
  3. Agil

Best Female Actress:

My vote: Asuna, Yui, Sachi


  1. Asuna
  2. Yui
  3. Leafa

*Sachi made 6th place


I will post the latest winners for each category the day they come out so that you will know all the winners by the night of the premiere of Sword Art Online II!!


Upcoming Reviews

Today marks the day for me to start my long list of anime for the summer. I plan on watching Black Rock Shooter as well as Elfen Lied first and will do reviews on both of them.

Black Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter is about two girls that meet and despite their differences they form a strong connection. Both girls have secrets though and in an empty world two girls fight: Black Rock Shooter and Deadmaster while a mysterious person by the name of Black Gold Saw watches their battle. This anime is 8 episodes long with one OVA giving a total of 9 episodes.


Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is about a young psychotic Diclonius(A mutated homo sapiens that is said to be selected by GOD and will eventually become the destruction of mankind.) named Lucy who escapes from her government containment cell and murders most of the guards before being shot in the head. Lucy survives however and stumbles around on a beach until two teenagers named Kouta and Yuka find her and offer to let her stay at Kouta’s house. Since they do not know her name they name her the only thing she can say which is “Nyuu”. However it seems as though the “evil” Lucy is not dead yet. This anime is 13 episodes and has 1 OVA  bringing it to a total of 14 episodes.

Review of Another – Complete series





(pictures at bottom contain graphic images and the death of main characters )

Another is a horror anime and for good reason. Many of the episodes left me sitting at my desk with only the light from the computer screen to illuminate my room and comfort me from my thoughts about what could be behind me. The story starts in the year 1998 in the town of Yomiyama in class 3-3; this is the same class where a girl named Misaki died suddenly 26 years ago.


The town of Yomiyama

Another  had a great story line with lots of  interesting twists and turns that kept me interested the whole way through. I loved how it portrayed Sakakibara’s thought process with the information available to him and his suspicions of class 3-3; by portraying what he was thinking the show was able to make me conclude one thing about someone and then later realize something that caused me to reconsider at the same time as him which allowed you to really get engrossed in the story.

This show had tons of action throughout the entirety of the series. I must say though that the action increased exponentially in the last five episodes which kept me interested but also left me feeling a little taxed after each episode from everything happening. The action in Another is a bit different from what I would usually consider action. This action was more from the main group of characters working through the mystery of who the extra person was.  Most of the action involved the deaths of the students or their loved ones which ties into the violence of the show.

Another is not an anime for anybody that faints at the sight of blood because the blood looks extremely realistic and it’s obvious the animators took every opportunity to show  just how gruesome and bloody the deaths are.  I loved how each death is expertly shown and the moments leading up to it foreshadow the character’s death in such a way that I started getting chills down my back from suspension and then when the suspense was at its climax and they finally died I was both horrified from seeing it but also in awe at how exquisitely it was executed.  The final two episodes are by far the most gruesome and horrifying episodes of the entire series. These two episodes take place in the hotel he class is staying at for the class trip and is basically a blood bath as the class attempts to hunt down and kill the student they believe is the “extra person” in the class. There are some students who are simply killing everybody as most of them are now not thinking clearly and seem to be in some sort of daze as they run around looking for the “extra person.”

Throughout the series there is lots of background music to help portray the feelings of everybody and what’s happening or about to happen. I absolutely loved the background music because I felt like it was written by the characters themselves to show exactly how they felt; the music helped set the mood and know when something horrible was happening when my hands were covering my eyes from the graphic and disturbing scenes at times.

The other music was from the opening and closing scenes which were amazing. The opening music fit the opening scene flawlessly as it reinforced the eerie and disturbing images and story that the opening scene depicted. The scenes themselves depict lots of dolls that will move on their own and are creepy in that they look life-like and each one tells a different depressing story. The scenes are dark ominous compared to the closing scene which is the main characters in a room together relaxing and looking overall happy. Mei is the only one not in the room as she is out on the balcony facing away from everybody before gently fading away to show the scenery she had been looking at. This scene is accompanied by a more reassuring song that helped to calm me down and see the characters in a nicer light; sadly though as the series progressed the ending became harder to watch because seeing some of the characters brought back memories that they were no longer living and had suffered horrible deaths but look so peaceful in the end.

Now as much as it hurts me to say this simply because I really enjoyed this anime is that the character development hurt it the most. I say this because although some of the characters received great attention to who they are and how the curse is affecting them many other characters received almost no attention and were simply there and then they were dead or one of their family members were dead. I understand that shorter anime shows can feel rushed in character development or have ploy holes but at certain times it really dulled their death because I wasn’t able to form a bond with them; I couldn’t feel overly upset because I barely even knew their name. The characters that did receive a background though received a great background with depth and stories that sounded believable and only enhanced my feelings for them so that when something happened to them I was devastated and felt like I had lost a friend.

In conclusion I really enjoyed this series and would recommend this to anybody that can handle lots of blood and is looking for a great horror anime with some mystery to keep you on your toes. Please feel free to leave your thoughts on the anime or questions.


Action – 8

Violence/depiction of injuries and blood – 10

background music – 10

opening/closing scenes and music – 10

character development – 6

OVERALL – 8.8/10




(the rest of the pictures were to shy to be on the review so here are the brave ones, the rest will hopefully buck up and join the review soon)

Problems with Another review

So it’s Saturday afternoon and I still haven’t posted my review on Another even though I said it would be out by Wednesday. I’m really sorry I haven’t posted it yet but my computer hasn’t been loading the videos properly the past several days which means I haven’t been able to get pictures for it. I’m trying to get the pictures as fast as I can and as soon as I do I will post it because the writing portion is already done.

If you all would like me to post it with the few pictures I do have than I can and I will add pictures to it as I get them. If you want me to do this please let me know in the comment section.

The Black Bullet review has been cancelled

So I’m sorry to say this but I will not be posting a review on Black Bullet in the coming days or even weeks. I have been working on the review for the past couple days but I can’t seem to word anything properly or convey my thoughts in an understandable manner. I have saved my current work and will consider giving it another attempt in the future but it won’t be during this summer.

I can say however that I will be posting my review on Another either Tuesday(6/3) or Wednesday(6/4) so lookout for it if you are interested.