There is Something for Everyone in Broad Spectrum of Anime Shows

This is my article that I wrote for my school newspaper upon my teacher’s request. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


          If you are currently reading this and have not seen anime or read manga then you are not allowing yourself to experience something that is truly astonishing. If you have watched anime or read manga, then congratulations, you already know what I am about to say. If you haven’t seen anime then stop whatever else you are doing and read carefully because if you do you will not regret it. Anime is a Japanese cartoon and manga is a Japanese comic and both can be referred to as a portal to wherever you want to go. There is an anime for every situation, dream, and deepest desire; anime has many different genres which means there will definitely be a genre you enjoy and relate to the most. There is a fantastic list of similar anime out there for you to look at.

          If you enjoy: Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars, Criminal Minds,  and Doctor Who you’ll see that anime is just as good if not better because the possibilities are endless and it is impossible to truly describe it and still show it justice.

          So if you like Supernatural then a good anime would be Blue Exorcist because both are supernatural and action. Blue Exorcist is about a teenage boy that finds out he is the son of Satan and agrees to become an exorcist and hunt down other demons to protect the human world.

          The Walking Dead is a great show but an even better show is the anime High School of the Dead; both deal with zombies and both are horror shows as well. High School of the Dead is arguably better though because it’s set in a high school and follows a group of teenagers as they try to escape from the infested school and survive. This show is extremely violent with lots of blood as well as some fan service(when a character looks and acts in a sultry manner) consisting of exaggerated breast movement and panty shots meaning it requires some maturity to watch.

         Criminal Minds fans will definitely enjoy Death Note and is a perfect example of how amazing anime is. Death Note is about a teenage boy about our age that wants to purge the world of evil so when he finds a book that kills a person when you write their name in it he knows exactly what to do with it. This anime shows how he attempts to purge the world and how the police force and one exceptionally bright yet odd teenager tries to stop the mass killings of criminals.

          If you are a fan of the drama filled mystery Pretty Little Liars then you will most likely enjoy Blast of TempestBlast of Tempest is about a teenage boy whose sister was mysteriously murdered and now his friend, an abandoned club leader, and he set out to find the killer as well as stop the world from impending doom.

        Sherlock fans rejoice, for I have found an anime for you to watch during your long wait for the next season. Psycho-Pass is a crime fiction similar to Sherlock but is also set in a dystopian world where people undergo cymatic brain scans to figure out their mental state and their likelihood to commit a crime;they will be pursued and apprehended if their crime index is too high.

       If you like Game of Thrones then you should definitely check out Code Geass because both are about several major area fighting for control over the rest. Code Geass is about an exiled prince from the Britannian Empire that is thrown over enemy borders into Japan where he then vows to obliterate the Britannian Empire and soon becomes the rebel leader of Japan. He is given the ability to make someone do whatever he wants when making direct eye contact.

       Doctor Who is a unique show and has an original plot but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an anime that the fans won’t find enjoyable. A similar anime is Steins;Gate and yes this is how it’s spelled. Steins;Gate is about a group of teenage geniuses that time travel to change the future for the better.

      Anime is quite similar to the shows many teenagers already watch and deserve a chance to be seen by more people. All of the anime listed above can be found online and some great websites to watch on are:,, and The first two only show anime with english subtitles a.k.a. subbed whereas the last website has certain anime available to watch in English a.ka. dubbed however not all anime is available to watch dubbed.

I hope that this has helped open your mind to the world of anime and given you some great starter shows for you to take a look at should you choose to do so. Please keep in mind however that anime although similar is not the same as regular shows and does requires a more open mind to fully appreciate the show to its fullest. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “There is Something for Everyone in Broad Spectrum of Anime Shows

  1. Aye, and do touch on some classics as well. Fans of Top Gun and other shows like it would like Area 88, while PatLabor can be likened to police procedural shows/police life shows except containing mecha. Though the third movie focuses much on the procedural part rather than the mecha. The second movie plays like a Tom Clancy book, etc.

    Epics can be seen in shows like Legend of the Galactic Heroes or its many side stories.

  2. Thank you for the input sadly though the newspaper had already been distributed when I posted this but I really appreciate it and would definitely have included some classics had I been able to..

  3. Very nice article, great work!! 😀 Hopefully this gets a few people into the wonderful world of anime ~ ♥

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