Working on my news article about anime for school

So I am working on writing up my news article about getting more people into watching anime and have caused some  commotion among my friends in the process.

My article is arguing about why more kids should watch anime and I am comparing popular shows to anime of similar genres to help them get interested in watching anime; I personally don’t keep up with the popular shows on t.v. so I asked around 20 of my friends what their favorite shows were in the form of 3 group messages; everybody stared replying with answers where as others started asking questions. I tried to answer the questions but since not everybody knew everybody else on the chat they began asking more questions and getting each other confused which sparked even more questions so now I have some of my friends that have given me a full answer and others that have given me one show and then others that simply didn’t answer and are now confused about what just happened.

I hope now that I have a generic idea of what the popular shows are I can figure out some great anime shows to show the kids at my school to help introduce them to anime and show them that anime is even better than those shows!

If all goes well with my article I will happily post it here for everybody that would like to read it for themselves.

p.s. – If any of my friends are reading this I am really sorry for causing you any emotional stress or discomfort


7 thoughts on “Working on my news article about anime for school

  1. Your goal is to inform, not to make new fans (that’s a bonus). *you don’t want to be pushy.*
    low age groups:
    kodomo – Shojo – Shonen

    ^-o older: Josei – Seinen (Seinen anime are a lot easier to find).

    try and choose informed chooses not random shows (teachers love it when you research flows).

  2. Thank you; I appreciate the help with the best way to approach the audience by simply informing them and not being too pushy, also for distinguishing the age groups for the different types of anime as I did not know that there was an actual difference.

  3. Next time if you ask question don’t ask in a big group, just send them the questions individually. That’ll help reduce confusion, stress & time consumption!
    In this article why not also have a column (and or pictures if possible) of example anime that they could start watching c: You should also mention sites to watch them, references we anime fans use and things that are based off of anime (conventions, cosplay, goodies, artwork, ect) if that’s possible ><
    At least that's my take on it. Good luck with the article!! I would love to read it when your done!! (:

  4. Thank you; I will definitely have to remember to send individual messages next time. I am trying to include some good example anime and some good sites to watch them on; I would like to include pictures but am not sure if I can. That’s a good idea about including references, events, and art/music based off of anime so they could get a good understanding of what all becomes available to them should they check out anime.

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