An 8 hour road trip means reading lots of manga!

So I’m finally home from my vacation and have decided that my spring break is now over; I’ve come to this decision because tomorrow is Sunday and will be spent doing homework and getting ready for school to start on Monday but that’s not what this about.

This post is about how I spent my 8 hour drive home (which includes about an hour for brunch at the start of the trip). So I had limited things I could do in the car because my sister was using my phone charger because she keeps destroying hers and had to charge her phone so I had to make my phone last and it was only at 60% to begin with. I decided after we ate our brunch at IHOP I would read various array of  manga I had brought with me.

After IHOP we got back on the road and I picked out the first manga I was going to read: Deadman Wonderland which I had picked up on a whim just yesterday. I put my phone’s brightness all the way down and put it on airplane mode and listened to some music to drone out my family. I just want to say that Deadman Wonderland was amazing and I read the first volume in maybe an hour – hour and a half; I got so absorbed in it and just read straight through it. Now, I had also bought volume two of it but didn’t want to read it quite yet because… actually I’m not sure why I didn’t read it; anyway I then decided to read volume one of Death Note Black Edition. I was already a couple of chapters in but still wasn’t very far so I thought it would last me until we got home but I was wrong, dead wrong; I finished Death Note in approximately an hour and a half to two hours.

I decided to take a quick break since we had pulled up to a DQ for a snack and bathroom break; I got a double cheeseburger and ate it fairly quickly and then looked out the car window for about ten minutes before I decided to read some more manga.

I decided to read the first volume of Soul Eater this time and plowed through it in about an hour; I then asked “Are we almost home” and as soon as I asked I noticed that we were in heavy traffic. My dad told me it would me another couple hours so I decided to take a nap but I could have read another volume of Deadman Wonderland or Soul Eater had I wanted to.

When I woke up we were around 20 minutes from my house so I decided to hold off from starting another manga and simply talked with my family.

This post is to simply say that manga or any book can really help speed up long road trips and flights because you get so wrapped up in what you are reading that you don’t notice how much time is passing.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day or possibly night depending on where you live


One thought on “An 8 hour road trip means reading lots of manga!

  1. I recommend you should read “Wake Up Deadman,” “NORA: The last Chronicles of Devildom,” and “Bobobo-bo Bo-bobobo” 🙂

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