I’m holding a gun loaded with Black Bullets and I like it

So I watched the first episode of  Black Bullet yesterday thanks to Everything Anime’s first impression (<— click)post about it and I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the episodes.


Black bullet1

I really like how it’s set in the near future and how the characters have been introduced so far.  The opening is nicely done and the music fits the show incredibly well. Now at the start and end of the opening song I swear it is the same song from Attack on Titan; now I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence or I’m hearing things and need to get my ears checked.

The show is action packed and has a promising story line and after this first episode leaves a lot of room for development in the characters and the plot. The show is quite intense but still has a humor side in the form of Enju, Rentaro’s initiator.

Overall the show seems like it’s headed down the right path and  you should definitely check it out.


2 thoughts on “I’m holding a gun loaded with Black Bullets and I like it

  1. Just imagine what we’ll do in a few years when we can’t use the year 2020 as a science fiction cliche =P I could have used less loli sex jokes, personally, but on the whole there’s a lot of promise.

  2. When the year 2020 comes I feel it will cause science fiction writers everywhere to hold a conference and decide on a new year that can be used as the future( i.e. 3030 or 4545).
    The jokes don’t bother me too much but I do agree that there were quite a few for only being the first episode.

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