Spring Break and nonstop anime streaming!!


So if you don’t know I am in high school and have just started my spring break today. Today in school however was not as exciting; I had two tests, an essay due, and a pep rally that wasn’t all that peppy.

The big question leading up to the break is always “What are you doing over the break?” and I was no exception to this; when the final bell rang I was talking with my friend and asking him what he was going to do and he asked me what I was going to do. My friend is my friend for a reason; the first thing we said to each other was that we were going to binge watch anime over the break; he is currently watching Full Metal Alchemist and I am watching: Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, and Blue Exorcist.

Now, I am also going to Hilton Head Island tomorrow with my family but that doesn’t mean I won’t be spending countless hours watching anime because the current forecast for HHI is rainy.

Basically all this post is about is the fact that both my friend and I said we would be watching a lot of anime over our break and that I’m happy I get a break from school.

If you happen to be on break or going on break soon I hope you have a great break; if you aren’t on break I still hope you have a great time whatever it is your’re doing.


One thought on “Spring Break and nonstop anime streaming!!

  1. Enjoy your break!!
    I’m going to be watching anime a lot this week as well. I need to rewatch one in particular so i can write up a blog post about it. Should be fun with snacks. I’ll probably gain about 100 lbs in the process. No big deal. Lol

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