Please help anime fans – New approach

So this is my third time mentioning that I need help from all anime fans; this time however I have adjusted what I am asking. Thank you hallfreakyzoid for helping me decide that I should be asking for you to give your favorite anime for specific genres instead of just your top 10 list.

If you would like to help me out with my newspaper article then please list your top 2 favorite anime for a specific genre(i.e.  action, comedy, drama, slice of life, shonen, shojo, etc…). If you would like to see a full list of genres and brief descriptions/examples of them then please follow this link: .

If you do contribute please give me your top 2 for multiple genres of varying types(i.e. romance, action, and sports) or to that degree so that I have more to work with.

Thank you

– please refrain from any blatant nudity or over the top fan service in your choices.


7 thoughts on “Please help anime fans – New approach

  1. I feel super important now! Alright, I’ll be sure to think about my choices and comment again later with them. Keep up with the good work ❤

  2. Well, I have a numerous amount of anime’s i have watched so here’s my top favorites that are relatively long (some are not too long)
    1.Gintama Shonen action comedy(it has everything Lol)
    2.Dragon ball Z ACTION AAWDAWD
    3.Naruto and Naruto Shippuden ACTION DRAMA NINJA SHONEN
    4.Katekyo Hitman Reborn ACTION MAFIA SHONEN
    5.Fairy Tail SHONEN ACTION COMEDY A tad bit of fanservice .-.
    8.D.Gray Man SHONEN (I think?) ACTION
    9.Angel Beats ACTION DRAMA FEELS
    10.Bamboo Blade Shoujo? Action Comedy slice of life
    11.Full metal Alchemist Brotherhood ACTION
    14. Soul Eater Action
    15.Death Note Drama?
    16. Durarara!
    17.Blue exorcist Action
    18.Bobobo-Bo bo-bobo Action comedy
    20. The World God Only Knows Harem Romance?
    21. XxxHolic Ehhhh
    22. Tsubasa Chronicle (watch this before holic) ACTION DRAMA
    23.Eureka Seven MECH ACTION DRAMA
    24.Full Metal Panic MECH ACTION DRAMA
    25.Persona 4 the Animation ACTION DRAMA Based off of videogame
    26. Tales of Abyss the Animation based off of videogame DRAMA ACTION
    27.Rwby (Super Short, idk if its even considered anime)
    28.Suzuka ROMANCE
    29. Mirai Nikki DRAMA ROMANCE
    30. Stein’s gate (Oh god yes <3) DRAMA ROMANCE
    32.Yu Yu Hakusho (Cant spell)
    33.Shakugan no shana
    34. Gundam Series ( i recommend Gundam Wing, Gundam 00, Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny, Gundam Unicorn, Gundam G fighters)
    Yeah that's all i can think of for now

  3. Sorry I didn’t answer the question like you wanted xD and I rushed through the categorizing. GL and hope you enjoy them

  4. Hmm, my choices are pretty much limited to Science Fiction, romance, and gun porn (not actual hentai, but like…well I dunno if I can describe how weapons fanatic would be…).


    – Crest of the Stars/Banner of the Stars: Science Fiction, focuses a lot on the adolescent princess and the male earl, who found himself inheriting that title when his planet was annexed by the princess’ bigger nation. Romance/Science Fiction

    – Legend of the Galactic Heroes: I can’t do this show any justice. Its cast of characters is huge (100 or so dedicated voice actor for each character), and to call it ‘slice of life’ is as similar in that an M16 is the same as an ancient arquebus in the sense they are both ‘firearms’. The plot is shaky and the animation is decidedly 1980s, but it’s a galaxy spanning space opera in which it holds no punches and boils down to the phrase “There are few wars between good and evil; most are between one good and another good.”

    – Angel Beats!: To be perfectly honest, the gun porn drew me into this one, but it is well animated, the characters are funny and lovable, and an episode near the end had me and several people in tears. Romance/Fantasy

    – Macross (all of it): There are three truths to a Macross series. 1) Amazing music. 2) A love Triangle, or a love story in general. 3) Omigod did that ship just turn into a robot and sucker punched another ship?! (well, the Mecha to me stays perfectly reasonable and within my taste, unlike some Gundam shows). Science Fiction/Romance

    – Upotte!! / Strike Witches / Kantai Collection (upcoming): These are going to be three shows that generally fit the fantasy/slice of life deal. Of the three, Upotte!! and Strike Witches have come out, and yes, they’re more in line with fanservice. Stuff I watch when I had a crappy day and need something. Fantasy/Military

    – Nichijou: One of those slice of life series that tries to be serious yet you got a talking cat, a child genius, a robot, etc etc etc. Comedy/Slice of Life

    – Top Gear: The original UK reboot format, featuring f- oh wait…you asked for anime, not stuff to watch.

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