What to do?

So today I posted my review on Attack on Titan and the only reason I didn’t post it yesterday was because I wanted my lit teacher to proof it since it was my first review. My teacher read over it for me and the only thing wrong with it is that I had forgotten a comma somewhere. She then told me that the review was really good and she wanted me to do and article for the school newspaper. She said I could do an article about anime and do a top ten list for those new to anime to try and get them interested in it. I told her that I would do it because I really enjoy writing and want to join the newspaper next year anyway.

This is when the problem arose:

My lit teacher is also the newspaper teacher so at the end of class I asked her if she could leave my name out on the article or at the least use my blog name; sadly she said no because it was a school rule that the person’s real name had to be included and then she told me that it is also required to have my picture included because I am not actually on the newspaper staff.

I am not sure if I want to do the article anymore because I am not a very social person nor am I very confident in my own abilities. I am able to do this blog because nobody knows who I am (except for my family and my lit teacher) so I can be a bit more open with what i write. I feel my friends might judge me for writing an article about anime or I will write a bad article and people that don’t know me personally will associate my name and face with a poorly written or executed article.

I’ve never really been an open guy; even around my friends I am quiet and sort of to myself. I think that if I write this article for the newspaper with my name on it it could help boost my confidence but at the same time I’m not comfortable truly expressing my interests with my real identity to those I know and especially those I don’t.

I will most likely write the article because I told my teacher I would and because I have never really had a teacher tell me that something I did was “really good” and because of its quality wanted me to write something for anything published.



7 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. I actually hope you do it. ❤ I read your "I need help" page first and my initial reaction was like "Woah. I can't believe you're going to publish an anime related thing for the school paper." I'm currently in newspaper class right now and I don't know if I'd be able to do something so bold.
    I am quite social, but I'm always scared of people judging me because I like anime, so I carefully leave that tidbit out when talking to people unless I find out that they themselves are otakus so I loosen up quite a lot.
    I hope you do good on your article. If you need any help, just reply to me or comment somewhere and I'll try my best to help. An otaku should be there for a fellow otaku. 🙂 And I'm following you now, so keep up the good work ❤

    • Thank you for your support; personally I am not all that social unless I have somebody for a while and that’s why I am so nervous about having my name and face next to the article. I am going through with it though and am hoping for the best.
      I am now following your blog as well and it looks really good.

      • Thank you ❤ I will continue to try my best *High Fives* Let's work hard together ❤ ❤ ❤

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