I need YOUR help anime fans!!

As you may have guessed I need the anime/manga world to help me out with compiling a list of the top 10 best anime shows for introducing the average american teen to anime and manga. If you read my blog you will know that the newspaper teacher at my school wants me to do an article about anime and include a list of good anime shows for those who have been deprived of this amazing thing and if you don’t read my blog then there’s the reason why I need your help.

Please comment your list of top 10 anime shows you would show a teen who wanted to get into anime.( please make your list go from best to worst)

The only restraint I’m giving you all is that they should be as appropriate as possible meaning no straight up nudity or constant and over the top fan service. (you may include anything with mild fan service and I will judge whether or not it is appropriate for my school)

I am not sure when I will have to write my article  but when I do I will look at the ten most occurring shows and organize them into one master list that I will include in my article as well as post here on my blog for everybody to see.

Please only comment once so that I am not looking at repeat lists. Thank you


9 thoughts on “I need YOUR help anime fans!!

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  2. I ordered mine like you said and it is below:
    Fruits Basket
    Code Geass
    Chrono Crusade
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Full Metal Alchemist & Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
    Lovely Complex

    Hope I helped.
    An honorable mention: Cowboy Bebop. I’m mentioning it because I haven’t seen it yet but people are telling me it’s crazy good ❤ ❤

    • And I wanted to remind you that recommendations are dependent on people’s personal tastes. I am a girl myself and so many of the above are romance animes, although I put a few that guys should enjoy, I wanted to let you know it would probably be better to specify what types of people would like a certain anime.
      Such as, if you’re an athlete you may like to start off with an anime like Kuroko no Basket which is about a basket ball team etc. or Prince of Tennis which is about a middle school tennis team etc.

      • Thank you. I understand that these are all opinion based lists but I am not sure how much room I will have for my article so I simply asked for a list on what to show a teenager in the hopes that I would get a fairly balanced list. I appreciate your help in adding some anime specific to guys.
        I will be reviewing the shows so that my list will include specific anime for guys and specific anime for girls.
        Thank you again for your help.

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