Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Review! I have finally made it to this point

Before I get into my first ever review I just want to thank Bun E. Hill Publishing once again for recommending this anime to me.  I have tried to refrain from saying or showing any spoilers, however I must caution you that I am new to reviewing and may ACCIDENTALLY reveal something important. Please take caution when reading if you have not read the manga or seen the anime.

attack on titan pic 1

I will start my review by saying that Attack on Titan was an anime that kept me interested all the way through and kept me on the edge of my seat (WARNING: sitting on the edge of your seat for certain scenes can be hazardous to your safety).

I started off knowing that there would be blood shed but I didn’t realize just how gruesome and realistic this show was; this is in no way a con, it is most definitely a pro and made watching it even better.

I think the story flowed very well and stuck to the original story very well; every episode seemed to serve a great role to the overall story with important details would leave you confused if they were skipped over. I enjoyed how the story was balanced between fight scenes full of blood and time to hear about the characters and learn about everything else going on so that the fight scenes can mean more than just senseless killing.

Since I have just brought up the character development I should say that the main characters were beautifully developed and thought out. I got to see Armin grow more independent and confident with himself; I saw how Eren adjusted his view of the world and his purpose on what he had to do whether it be trusting his comrades or taking initiative and acting to protect/ avenge those same comrades. I also saw the other main characters develop and learn about them.

Now coming back to the violence; there was massive amounts of bloodshed in this series as would be expected from an anime like this. I enjoyed how the muscles and anatomy of the various titans for the most part looked great, some of the titans didn’t look quite right but then again they are their own “species” so who am I to say how they are supposed to look.

AoT skull

a partial titan

bloody titan death

bloody titan death

Now for the music and the opening/closing scenes; I think that the background music was nicely chosen because the songs helped enhance the intense emotions apparent during fights, arguments, training, or self realization. There were two openings and two closings; the first opening had a great music choice that accompanied the opening scenes nicely; the closing music was equally nice and worked very well with the closing clip. The first closing clip depicts Mikasa as a child right after a life changing decision and then shows her in the present day; it then shows Eren as a child and shows him transform into the young man he is becoming.

The second opening and closing are about the same in quality and help to depict how now they are no longer kids and shows them fighting harder and stronger than before; the closing shows the main characters relaxing or arguing depending on who it is, this represents how some characters are dealing with their current situations.

Overall I think this was a great anime and since I have no experience in reviewing anything my review is what I think and not based off of how anime is suppose to flow or how a character has actually developed.

action: 10/10

violence/ depiction of injuries and blood: 10/10

background music: 9/10

opening/closing scenes and music: 10/10

character development: 9/10

OVERALL: 9.6/10 – (I will always take the average of the five category scores)

Please feel free to leave comments and helpful tips for reviewing anime or manga(anything really). Please refrain from leaving spoilers in the comments also although I do welcome constructive criticism please do not leave any heinous comments. Thank you


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