Music is the window to your feelings

So  recently I have been listening to music that I wouldn’t have listened to a couple of years ago. My three favorite artists right now are The Cab, Imagine Dragons, and Fallout Boy. I enjoy the lyrics, rhythms, and overall sound. A year ago I was listening to country music, before that it was jazz. People say that you can tell what someone is like by the music they listen to, does this mean that my personality has changed that mush in the past couple of years? Since I have just recently discovered anime I enjoy the band Girls Dead Monster from the anime Angel Beats. They have a full album for sale and on YouTube. I can’t understand the lyrics since I don’t know Japanese but I still really enjoy the tone and sound of the songs. This band is nothing like the other bands I listen to so what does that say about me. Why does music tend to represent our personalities so well even when we don’t realize it, music shows us when we change, whether it be for better or for worse.

I can see how music represents who we are but we decide what we listen to so how do we just decide that we like some new band that you never liked before and now dislike another band that had been your favorite band for so long. I think it is cool that we show who we are with our taste in music but can’t believe just how much it will change when you don’t always notice that same change in yourself.

What are your thoughts on your personalities over the years and how it has affected your taste in music, are they similar or random changes?


please leave your thoughts and opinions here

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