Please help anime fans – New approach

So this is my third time mentioning that I need help from all anime fans; this time however I have adjusted what I am asking. Thank you hallfreakyzoid for helping me decide that I should be asking for you to give your favorite anime for specific genres instead of just your top 10 list.

If you would like to help me out with my newspaper article then please list your top 2 favorite anime for a specific genre(i.e.  action, comedy, drama, slice of life, shonen, shojo, etc…). If you would like to see a full list of genres and brief descriptions/examples of them then please follow this link: .

If you do contribute please give me your top 2 for multiple genres of varying types(i.e. romance, action, and sports) or to that degree so that I have more to work with.

Thank you

– please refrain from any blatant nudity or over the top fan service in your choices.


I need YOUR help anime fans update

So on Monday I posted asking all anime fans to give me their top ten list of the best shows to introduce somebody to anime; so far I have had two people contribute (thank you Lysa Taylor and Otakufujoshiyato) and that’s great but I need more lists so that I can put a more accurate list in my school newspaper.

If you would like to contribute your top ten list then please follow this link to the original post on my page as so that all of the lists are on one post.   link:

Thank you


I need YOUR help anime fans!!

As you may have guessed I need the anime/manga world to help me out with compiling a list of the top 10 best anime shows for introducing the average american teen to anime and manga. If you read my blog you will know that the newspaper teacher at my school wants me to do an article about anime and include a list of good anime shows for those who have been deprived of this amazing thing and if you don’t read my blog then there’s the reason why I need your help.

Please comment your list of top 10 anime shows you would show a teen who wanted to get into anime.( please make your list go from best to worst)

The only restraint I’m giving you all is that they should be as appropriate as possible meaning no straight up nudity or constant and over the top fan service. (you may include anything with mild fan service and I will judge whether or not it is appropriate for my school)

I am not sure when I will have to write my article  but when I do I will look at the ten most occurring shows and organize them into one master list that I will include in my article as well as post here on my blog for everybody to see.

Please only comment once so that I am not looking at repeat lists. Thank you

What to do?

So today I posted my review on Attack on Titan and the only reason I didn’t post it yesterday was because I wanted my lit teacher to proof it since it was my first review. My teacher read over it for me and the only thing wrong with it is that I had forgotten a comma somewhere. She then told me that the review was really good and she wanted me to do and article for the school newspaper. She said I could do an article about anime and do a top ten list for those new to anime to try and get them interested in it. I told her that I would do it because I really enjoy writing and want to join the newspaper next year anyway.

This is when the problem arose:

My lit teacher is also the newspaper teacher so at the end of class I asked her if she could leave my name out on the article or at the least use my blog name; sadly she said no because it was a school rule that the person’s real name had to be included and then she told me that it is also required to have my picture included because I am not actually on the newspaper staff.

I am not sure if I want to do the article anymore because I am not a very social person nor am I very confident in my own abilities. I am able to do this blog because nobody knows who I am (except for my family and my lit teacher) so I can be a bit more open with what i write. I feel my friends might judge me for writing an article about anime or I will write a bad article and people that don’t know me personally will associate my name and face with a poorly written or executed article.

I’ve never really been an open guy; even around my friends I am quiet and sort of to myself. I think that if I write this article for the newspaper with my name on it it could help boost my confidence but at the same time I’m not comfortable truly expressing my interests with my real identity to those I know and especially those I don’t.

I will most likely write the article because I told my teacher I would and because I have never really had a teacher tell me that something I did was “really good” and because of its quality wanted me to write something for anything published.


Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Review! I have finally made it to this point

Before I get into my first ever review I just want to thank Bun E. Hill Publishing once again for recommending this anime to me.  I have tried to refrain from saying or showing any spoilers, however I must caution you that I am new to reviewing and may ACCIDENTALLY reveal something important. Please take caution when reading if you have not read the manga or seen the anime.

attack on titan pic 1

I will start my review by saying that Attack on Titan was an anime that kept me interested all the way through and kept me on the edge of my seat (WARNING: sitting on the edge of your seat for certain scenes can be hazardous to your safety).

I started off knowing that there would be blood shed but I didn’t realize just how gruesome and realistic this show was; this is in no way a con, it is most definitely a pro and made watching it even better.

I think the story flowed very well and stuck to the original story very well; every episode seemed to serve a great role to the overall story with important details would leave you confused if they were skipped over. I enjoyed how the story was balanced between fight scenes full of blood and time to hear about the characters and learn about everything else going on so that the fight scenes can mean more than just senseless killing.

Since I have just brought up the character development I should say that the main characters were beautifully developed and thought out. I got to see Armin grow more independent and confident with himself; I saw how Eren adjusted his view of the world and his purpose on what he had to do whether it be trusting his comrades or taking initiative and acting to protect/ avenge those same comrades. I also saw the other main characters develop and learn about them.

Now coming back to the violence; there was massive amounts of bloodshed in this series as would be expected from an anime like this. I enjoyed how the muscles and anatomy of the various titans for the most part looked great, some of the titans didn’t look quite right but then again they are their own “species” so who am I to say how they are supposed to look.

AoT skull

a partial titan

bloody titan death

bloody titan death

Now for the music and the opening/closing scenes; I think that the background music was nicely chosen because the songs helped enhance the intense emotions apparent during fights, arguments, training, or self realization. There were two openings and two closings; the first opening had a great music choice that accompanied the opening scenes nicely; the closing music was equally nice and worked very well with the closing clip. The first closing clip depicts Mikasa as a child right after a life changing decision and then shows her in the present day; it then shows Eren as a child and shows him transform into the young man he is becoming.

The second opening and closing are about the same in quality and help to depict how now they are no longer kids and shows them fighting harder and stronger than before; the closing shows the main characters relaxing or arguing depending on who it is, this represents how some characters are dealing with their current situations.

Overall I think this was a great anime and since I have no experience in reviewing anything my review is what I think and not based off of how anime is suppose to flow or how a character has actually developed.

action: 10/10

violence/ depiction of injuries and blood: 10/10

background music: 9/10

opening/closing scenes and music: 10/10

character development: 9/10

OVERALL: 9.6/10 – (I will always take the average of the five category scores)

Please feel free to leave comments and helpful tips for reviewing anime or manga(anything really). Please refrain from leaving spoilers in the comments also although I do welcome constructive criticism please do not leave any heinous comments. Thank you

Brain Drain #1

This post is sort of just a brain drain, there is no real topic just some random things that have been on my mind today.

I an currently reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and find it quite interesting. I don’t have much to say besides that simply because i am only on chapter four of the book.

I have also just purchased my first manga; I got volume 1 of Death Note the Black Edition as well as the first three volumes of Soul Eater. I really enjoy the format of manga and how each page is so detailed and each frame excellently depicts the character’s feelings and intentions. I look forward to reading through them in the near future.

Yesterday I saw some picture on Pinterest that was talking about mirrors and if they are actually portals. The discussion on the picture said that they might be portals and our reflection is another version of us that blocks us from entering their world.  This got me thinking some bizarre thoughts. What if these people are right, what if mirrors are portals blocked by other half? Would there be any way to get by your “reflection” and through the portal? I spent an hour or two pondering this before dismissing it for later thought and possible discussion with others.

I’m currently sitting at my desk and thinking about school, I use to really enjoy it and got great grades but now I am constantly bored and uninterested with school. I have let my grades drop significantly and show almost no compassion for really bringing them up. The only class I enjoy is my honors lit class; I don’t enjoy the work and although I enjoy writing I can’t seem to get into any of the essays. I think I would be able to enjoy the class or even school in general more if there was wore wiggle room in how teachers could teach their students.

I think after some careful thought I will end up pursuing a a career in PC game designing, I also wouldn’t mind something where I could just draw or write freely and have it be used for something.

Well, that ends my brain drain for tonight. If you’ve made it to the end of this post then thank you for taking the time to read this random post.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on anything mentioned in this post.


p.s. – I apologize for having not posted my review on Attack on titan yet, I promise to have it posted by the end of this weekend… please feel free to remind me however to ensure I don’t forget

Attack on Titan review update

         I have been watching Attack on Titan recently thanks to The Sisters Eternal whom recommended the anime to me. I posted in response to her suggestion that I would write a review on the show and try to publish it this week. I have not yet finished the series due to a death in my family but am now back on track and hope to get the review published by early next week.

         So far the show has been really good; it is very intense, bloody, and well put together. I look forward to finishing the series and hope I don’t end up scarred for life from staring at the Titan’s creepy smiles.


Please check out The Sisters Eternal, she has a great blog about her journey to self publishing her eBook as well as other great posts.

link to The Sisters Eternal:


Music is the window to your feelings

So  recently I have been listening to music that I wouldn’t have listened to a couple of years ago. My three favorite artists right now are The Cab, Imagine Dragons, and Fallout Boy. I enjoy the lyrics, rhythms, and overall sound. A year ago I was listening to country music, before that it was jazz. People say that you can tell what someone is like by the music they listen to, does this mean that my personality has changed that mush in the past couple of years? Since I have just recently discovered anime I enjoy the band Girls Dead Monster from the anime Angel Beats. They have a full album for sale and on YouTube. I can’t understand the lyrics since I don’t know Japanese but I still really enjoy the tone and sound of the songs. This band is nothing like the other bands I listen to so what does that say about me. Why does music tend to represent our personalities so well even when we don’t realize it, music shows us when we change, whether it be for better or for worse.

I can see how music represents who we are but we decide what we listen to so how do we just decide that we like some new band that you never liked before and now dislike another band that had been your favorite band for so long. I think it is cool that we show who we are with our taste in music but can’t believe just how much it will change when you don’t always notice that same change in yourself.

What are your thoughts on your personalities over the years and how it has affected your taste in music, are they similar or random changes?