Today i did not do much, I went to school and then came home. Today I did not do much physically but I did many things in my mind.  I disconnected myself from the outside world and let my mind take a stroll. It roamed all over the place, it went up mountains, through caves, under bridges, and down a long and twisted dirt path. I thought about anything and everything today while doing next to nothing.

Take this post and you will see that it has no real subject, no story, no questions, and no riddles yet my mind is swimming with thoughts, emotions, stories, memories, and faces. I have placed all of these things under lock and key, for everything in my mind must remain there because should it escape someone might find secrets and feelings too upsetting to hear. If this were to happen I would be left with no more feelings, stories, or emotions because they would have escaped from me fleeing in all directions.


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