shhh… it’s anime

So I’ve noticed that anime seems to be a very secretive thing, it is almost like taboo. Anybody that watches anime usually doesn’t talk about it unless they know they are talking with someone that also watches anime. If it is brought up around someone that doesn’t watch it they usually think it’s weird and might think poorly of you for watching it. My sister for example refuses to watch anything that is anime and thinks I am weird for watching it.

I think that people look down on it because they think it is like animated porn or closely related to it. They don’t see it as just another form of entertainment with different genres, most of which have nothing to do with sexual images or situations, excluding the occasional fan service in some of the shows, but that should not count against the entire anime world. There is fan service in non animated shows as well but people don’t recognize it as easily because in their mind it is acceptable for this to happen if there are real actors doing it and not just images that are created on a computer or drawn.

I think that if more people were willing to give anime a chance before shooting it down then those that do watch it might feel more at ease with telling others that they watch and enjoy anime.


This is only my opinion and is based purely off of friends and my own personal experiences.

Please feel free to leave a comment letting me know your thoughts and opinions.


2 thoughts on “shhh… it’s anime

  1. Western people tend to associate animated shows with children’s shows. Therefore, many think that anime is beneath them and find it childish for teens–adults to watch them.
    It boils down to personal preference. I was exposed to anime as a child by grown family members. So I never had to hide my love for it. A lot of students loved it during my high school years and there is even an anime club at my college (I’m not a part of it because I personally don’t like that kind of thing lol).
    So I guess you have to know when to talk about it and when not to. But, I’ll watch anime wherever and whenever I want nobody who is around to raise their eyebrows at me 😀

  2. Thanks for commenting.
    Thank you for mentioning that some see anime as being childish because I had forgotten to mention that. That is good that you don’t care about what others think if you watch anime. I also have to agree that a lot of high school kids watch it, however the kids I go to school with are the kind that are not as open about it.

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