Technology rules us with an iron fist!

This will be fairly brief but a very important topic I feel needs to be addressed.

I’ve noticed as I’m sure many others have too that the human race is controlled by technology. We keep almost if not all of our personal, financial, and social information on some sort of electronic device. Most people rely on their phone’s contact page to keep phone numbers, addresses, and birthdays. When dinner is over my family including myself all reach for our phones to play games, check social media pages, or scroll through random photos on their phone or internet. When people have a break during school or work they can easily be seen on their phone or a computer.

What has caused the human race to rely so heavily on these various objects, why do we store valuable information on them when they can be easily stolen either physically or virtually.

I know that not everybody is attached to electronics but what allows them to resist this seemingly inescapable world of ever-changing technology? Will technology eventually consume them too?

Please feel free to leave a comment telling me your opinion on the subject or maybe a situation you were in that made you realize how much you or everybody around you has fallen victim to this world of technology.


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