Sister saves the day!

I am so ashamed of this but here goes…

So out of nowhere this evening this girl I like texted me asking about lacrosse. She asked this because as far as she knew I still played when in fact I had decided not to play just earlier this month. I then brought her up to speed and then after a minute or two we had reached a dead zone(no current topic), this meant that since she had just replied I had to start a new topic to keep the conversation going. This is where the problem occurred, I couldn’t think of what to talk about and I didn’t want to bring up school because that would be boring and die out quickly. I began to panic because she could see that I had read the text but wasn’t replying, I could let the conversation die if I didn’t think of something.

Thankfully my sister was in the other room so I went over to her and began asking her to help me save my conversation. When she finally agreed she took the phone and sat there thinking, then all of a sudden she sent me a funny picture and sent it to the girl.

The girl replied saying “Haha that was random” so my sister sent another one. This time her reply looked like she was a bit confused and uninterested with carrying on the conversation. My sister then sent her a gif of Dylan O’Brien saying “RAWR”, she also added “Girls love him”.

This concerned me because I don’t think I actually would have said that, however it seemed to be working because the girl then told me she was watching a James Bond movie. I have never seen any sadly so I told her that and waited for a response. Her reply looked like she was so excited that she could introduce somebody to James Bond. She then told me to go watch Sky-Fall because it was the one she was watching and was really good.

This is how my sister managed to save my conversation with a girl because according to my sister “I am pathetic”… love you too sis.


2 thoughts on “Sister saves the day!

  1. Awh sisters can be really helpful sometimes! Lol

    I hate when those “dead zones” occur. I end up saying “what are you up to?” or something along those lines to keep the conversation going.

    Did you end up watching the movie? I’m not familiar with James Bond either.

  2. Thanks for commenting!
    Dead zones really are pesky little things to deal with aren’t they. I have not watched the movie yet simply because it was late in the evening when I had been talking to her. I will most likely watch it later this week so I can talk to her about it.

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