This post is related to Soul Eater.

So I have been watching Soul Eater and am only at episode 26 but I have come to the conclusion that Excalibur deserves a bit more respect than Kid, Black Star, and Ox show him. They find he is very annoying when really he just high standards due to his amazing power and strength. Excalibur is very old and must know a few things, his 1000 provisions are simply there because they are very important otherwise why would they be there, he needs his wielder to be just as strong as he is. The 5 hour story telling is so that you can build up patience and when he shouts “FOOL” at you it is so you learn respect and discipline, even if he does go overboard a bit.

I think that Excalibur should receive a mini-series even if the show is over, it could be all about his adventures and experiences. Every episode could include ten of his provisions so that it could all be told within 100 episodes. I think that if there was a series like this it could be very good and very entertaining.


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