Deciding what anime to watch

I have recently gotten into anime. I don’t mind if it is subbed or dubbed as long as I like the show itself. The first anime I ever watched was Inuyasha and I quite enjoyed it. I have not seen Inuyasha from the start and am now working on it. I then discovered the show Sword Art Online and instantly loved it, I watched the entire show in a couple of days.

Now I have found many anime and many of the types of anime that i enjoy. Whenever I find a new show that sounds good I will watch the first episode and then decide if I like it and want to watch the rest of the episodes. I enjoy anime that have sword fighting, angels and demons, lots of fighting (good vs evil), and supernatural aspects. I am constantly looking for new shows to escape into and enjoy! I find that anime are at least for the most part a lot more enjoyable and thought out than cartoons.

If you have any good suggestions for great anime please feel free to share them even if they don’t follow my usual types I will definitely give it a try.


4 thoughts on “Deciding what anime to watch

  1. This is probably overhyped by now but I totally loved Attack on Titan. It’s the best action anime I’ve seen. Those who I have recommended it to immediately were engrossed in the story and finished within a few days. Rurouni Kenshin is a great sword fighting anime although it would be considered an “old” anime now.

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