Today i did not do much, I went to school and then came home. Today I did not do much physically but I did many things in my mind.  I disconnected myself from the outside world and let my mind take a stroll. It roamed all over the place, it went up mountains, through caves, under bridges, and down a long and twisted dirt path. I thought about anything and everything today while doing next to nothing.

Take this post and you will see that it has no real subject, no story, no questions, and no riddles yet my mind is swimming with thoughts, emotions, stories, memories, and faces. I have placed all of these things under lock and key, for everything in my mind must remain there because should it escape someone might find secrets and feelings too upsetting to hear. If this were to happen I would be left with no more feelings, stories, or emotions because they would have escaped from me fleeing in all directions.


shhh… it’s anime

So I’ve noticed that anime seems to be a very secretive thing, it is almost like taboo. Anybody that watches anime usually doesn’t talk about it unless they know they are talking with someone that also watches anime. If it is brought up around someone that doesn’t watch it they usually think it’s weird and might think poorly of you for watching it. My sister for example refuses to watch anything that is anime and thinks I am weird for watching it.

I think that people look down on it because they think it is like animated porn or closely related to it. They don’t see it as just another form of entertainment with different genres, most of which have nothing to do with sexual images or situations, excluding the occasional fan service in some of the shows, but that should not count against the entire anime world. There is fan service in non animated shows as well but people don’t recognize it as easily because in their mind it is acceptable for this to happen if there are real actors doing it and not just images that are created on a computer or drawn.

I think that if more people were willing to give anime a chance before shooting it down then those that do watch it might feel more at ease with telling others that they watch and enjoy anime.


This is only my opinion and is based purely off of friends and my own personal experiences.

Please feel free to leave a comment letting me know your thoughts and opinions.

Technology rules us with an iron fist!

This will be fairly brief but a very important topic I feel needs to be addressed.

I’ve noticed as I’m sure many others have too that the human race is controlled by technology. We keep almost if not all of our personal, financial, and social information on some sort of electronic device. Most people rely on their phone’s contact page to keep phone numbers, addresses, and birthdays. When dinner is over my family including myself all reach for our phones to play games, check social media pages, or scroll through random photos on their phone or internet. When people have a break during school or work they can easily be seen on their phone or a computer.

What has caused the human race to rely so heavily on these various objects, why do we store valuable information on them when they can be easily stolen either physically or virtually.

I know that not everybody is attached to electronics but what allows them to resist this seemingly inescapable world of ever-changing technology? Will technology eventually consume them too?

Please feel free to leave a comment telling me your opinion on the subject or maybe a situation you were in that made you realize how much you or everybody around you has fallen victim to this world of technology.

Sister saves the day!

I am so ashamed of this but here goes…

So out of nowhere this evening this girl I like texted me asking about lacrosse. She asked this because as far as she knew I still played when in fact I had decided not to play just earlier this month. I then brought her up to speed and then after a minute or two we had reached a dead zone(no current topic), this meant that since she had just replied I had to start a new topic to keep the conversation going. This is where the problem occurred, I couldn’t think of what to talk about and I didn’t want to bring up school because that would be boring and die out quickly. I began to panic because she could see that I had read the text but wasn’t replying, I could let the conversation die if I didn’t think of something.

Thankfully my sister was in the other room so I went over to her and began asking her to help me save my conversation. When she finally agreed she took the phone and sat there thinking, then all of a sudden she sent me a funny picture and sent it to the girl.

The girl replied saying “Haha that was random” so my sister sent another one. This time her reply looked like she was a bit confused and uninterested with carrying on the conversation. My sister then sent her a gif of Dylan O’Brien saying “RAWR”, she also added “Girls love him”.

This concerned me because I don’t think I actually would have said that, however it seemed to be working because the girl then told me she was watching a James Bond movie. I have never seen any sadly so I told her that and waited for a response. Her reply looked like she was so excited that she could introduce somebody to James Bond. She then told me to go watch Sky-Fall because it was the one she was watching and was really good.

This is how my sister managed to save my conversation with a girl because according to my sister “I am pathetic”… love you too sis.


So I realized a couple years back that I procrastinate all the time, I have a real problem with it. Whenever I have a task that has to be done there is a 99% chance I will procrastinate until the night before or procrastinate so much it doesn’t get done until a day late. I’ve heard some people say that they do their best work when they are down to the wire on time. Personally I find that impossible, I get too easily distracted even when I am running out of time on an assignment. The funny thing is that when I don’t procrastinate and do the work right away I do a better job, but that still doesn’t stop me from waiting until the last second. I think that when someone gives you an assignment whether it be your boss, teacher, or your friend they should give you a due date that is actually a couple days earlier then when it really needs to be done. If they give you an earlier date then if you procrastinate and finish it a day later than that due date, you haven’t actually finished late but instead are on time

I’m pretty sure it is too late for me to break this horrible habit but it might not be too late for you. If you are given an assignment set yourself an earlier due date and set time aside to work on the assignment so that when it comes down to the wire you have much less to or maybe even no work.

I hope you never have to feel the true fear of trying to do a massive project 6 hours before it is due… it is a truly terrifying feeling

Please feel free to share any tips you might use to keep yourself from procrastinating.


This post is related to Soul Eater.

So I have been watching Soul Eater and am only at episode 26 but I have come to the conclusion that Excalibur deserves a bit more respect than Kid, Black Star, and Ox show him. They find he is very annoying when really he just high standards due to his amazing power and strength. Excalibur is very old and must know a few things, his 1000 provisions are simply there because they are very important otherwise why would they be there, he needs his wielder to be just as strong as he is. The 5 hour story telling is so that you can build up patience and when he shouts “FOOL” at you it is so you learn respect and discipline, even if he does go overboard a bit.

I think that Excalibur should receive a mini-series even if the show is over, it could be all about his adventures and experiences. Every episode could include ten of his provisions so that it could all be told within 100 episodes. I think that if there was a series like this it could be very good and very entertaining.


So I was watching a video about how people see colors and I realized that they were right. The video says that there is no way to determine if the color I see is the same color you see on an object. This got me thinking about just how much the color could vary from person to person. How could we ever know if the sky looks like the same blue, if we were able to describe the color to each other would your description sound like the color yellow to me where as my description might sound like the color red to you. If you would like to check out the video here is the link:

IT is by Vsauce and they have some really good videos that make you think about things differently.

Deciding what anime to watch

I have recently gotten into anime. I don’t mind if it is subbed or dubbed as long as I like the show itself. The first anime I ever watched was Inuyasha and I quite enjoyed it. I have not seen Inuyasha from the start and am now working on it. I then discovered the show Sword Art Online and instantly loved it, I watched the entire show in a couple of days.

Now I have found many anime and many of the types of anime that i enjoy. Whenever I find a new show that sounds good I will watch the first episode and then decide if I like it and want to watch the rest of the episodes. I enjoy anime that have sword fighting, angels and demons, lots of fighting (good vs evil), and supernatural aspects. I am constantly looking for new shows to escape into and enjoy! I find that anime are at least for the most part a lot more enjoyable and thought out than cartoons.

If you have any good suggestions for great anime please feel free to share them even if they don’t follow my usual types I will definitely give it a try.


If you are reading this than welcome to my blog, this is my first blog so it will be a little rough around the edges. I will most likely discuss whatever is on my mind but I will accept topic choices and discuss them to the best of my ability. I enjoy anime, reading, movies of almost any type, other cultures, and all foods( that I’ve tried to date).

Hope you enjoy!